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Mike Snyder
Member: 2011
Submitted on 04-01-11 9:11 am
My name is Mike Snyder and I am a new member to FENG. It is great to be here. I am a hospital financial executive specializing in the regulatory, compliance, due diligence, litigation support and revenue cycle areas. I am seeking a Senior Manager/Director position with a consulting/accounting firm. I have 25 years healthcare experience and six years Big 4 experience. I am not asking membership for job but potential referrals and thoughts on potential avenues.

I appreciate everyone's assistance.
Jon Miller
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Subject: Re:Healthcare Consulting

Submitted on 04-03-11 12:25 pm.
Welcome Mike!

My background is similar to yours, and I'm seeking opportunities in the VA/NC area. I wish you the best in your search.

Lilibeth Hanlon
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Subject: Re:Healthcare Consulting

Submitted on 09-18-12 6:26 pm.

I am very interested in Government Consumer Health IT and eHealth Records.
Nearly twenty years ago I assisted Nextel with cellular bandwidth, due diligence and then business transformation. Now as a result of the time, travel and business strategy the national cariers have an end to end data linkage.

So in 2009 and prospectively 2014 it is apparent that man has build an electronic expressway for personal data and I believe in security and privacy.

My firm, Bridge Strategies LLC has helped so many non-healthcare its time to join the parade with HIMSS, Government HIT, ONC, CMS and Meaningful Use.

I hope to participate in the group prospectively.

Thank you