EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

Although I always hope that EVERYONE in The FENG will have a job some day, (And, all at the same time.) I know this is not possible. Still, my sense is that more of our members are working these days than not.


Because of the high percentage of you that are working and because our networking group has been around for a long time, I fear that in certain parts of the country, attendance at our meetings has fallen off.


I wonder if I could ask those of you who are working at the moment to make a special effort this month to reconnect with your local chapter. The holiday season is a great time to meet old friends an make new friends, and there isn’t a better place to do this than your local chapter.


December tends to be a slow month. With all the holiday celebrations, even hard working folks like our members try to travel a little less and try to clear their schedules so they can do a little networking.


Could I ask you to check the date of the next chapter meeting in your area and put it on your calendar? (They are all available on our website!)


I don’t know if it is possible to come up with topics that would draw someone who is gainfully and happily employed to give up an evening at home with the family to go to a chapter meeting, but those who are active in their searches can always use the connections you may have and the insights you can bring to bear. Just the knowledge that people survive the job search process can be a big help.


Most of our current new attendees are from the banking community who are again in the hunt due to the sub prime mortgage mess. Even if this isn’t your background, the job hunting expertise that is in your mind could be invaluable to another member.


So in this holiday season when the spirit of giving and helping others is so strong, see if you can take the time to strengthen our organization by lending your presence at one of our events.


Sharing our knowledge as well as our job leads is what makes The FENG the remarkable organization that it is.


Regards, Matt

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