EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I hope that all members of The FENG are off on Thursday (and hopefully Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and that you are planning to spend time with family and/or friends or both. These times of celebration are important in so many ways.


They are, of course, reminders of times gone by. Some good times. Some bad times. Some in between times.


First and foremost, I hope you use this first long weekend of the fall/winter season to recharge your batteries. Summer is over. The vacations we took are a distant memory. So, think of this as a mini-vacation.


If you are active in your search or thinking of looking, don’t miss the opportunity this holiday represents to let those who know you and love you become aware of what is happening in your life. Keep it factual and don’t let it become a “downer” on this joyful holiday. But, don’t keep it a secret.


For the most part, as a member of The FENG, you have a lot to be thankful for. If you have a few quiet minutes at your computer over the weekend, take the time to write to at least 5 people who have had a positive impact on your life over the past year. Let them know of your thankfulness for their friendship.


As you know, The FENG is a society of friends. That’s what makes it all work. Someone extended the hand of friendship to you and invited you to join our august body. Hopefully you in turn extended the hand of friendship to someone else and invited them to join.


It is all about returning the many favors we all enjoy being a part of the largest networking group of our type in the entire world. Networking is a contact sport, and I hope that all of you are engaged with each other in that way.


A note. A phone call. Just about anything can help another member. Life is made up of a series of small gestures.


If appropriate, take a minute and share a story about The FENG with your Thanksgiving gathering.


It is all in the spirit of what we try to do for each other every day of the year.


Regards, Matt

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