EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

Stop me if I am wrong, but I guess many folks find job search a painful process. Perhaps it is the lack of a steady paycheck, or the uncertainty, or the rejection. Just like beating your head against a wall, it sure feels good when you can stop. (Is this why we are having so much fun or what?)

Perhaps that is why a few times a week I get a message from one of our members to stop their evening newsletter because next week they are going to be starting a new job.

Next week? (Sure you don’t want to overlap a few days?)

Is the newsletter an unpleasant reminder of the pain of job search? Or, is it as I fear that this member is just kidding himself that this new job is permanent? As one of our members of long standing would remind these members, ALL JOBS ARE TEMPORARY.

I’ve landed. It has such a reassuring ring. If only “landing” were all that it was cracked up to be.

It is not only true that the job market has changed; we have changed as well. As senior executives, we are no longer working our way up the career ladder at a large corporation as many of us have in the past. We are typically moving from a large corporation to a small one where our skills are very much needed.

My simple explanation of the world we experience is that small companies fall into two broad categories: good ones and bad ones. The good ones get acquired and the bad ones go out of business. Either way, we can easily be back in the market.

With that in mind it pays to stay connected to The FENG. Although membership is free, you should see it as the most expensive obligation you have. Once you have “landed” and are now “safe” it is time to take care of the many others in our organization who need your help, and that is hard to do if you disconnect yourself. You need to read those Members in Need of Assistance columns and you need to make yourself available for networking.

The truth of the world today is that there is no actual finish line. If only there were. There are really only stops along the way.

Think of each job you find over the rest of your life as a pit stop in the race of life. (I figure everyone is getting tired of my sailing analogies, so I thought I would throw out an automotive racing one tonight.)

A little advice from the head of your pit crew: Keep your engine finely tuned and the always running at a fast idle. You never know when you will be out there racing again.

Regards, Matt

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