EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

For those who are active in their job searches, taking time off can be very difficult. Well, this weekend you really have no choice. No one will likely be around in the afternoon tomorrow and they certainly won’t be around on Monday since it is a holiday.

That said holiday weekends are great times for networking with family and friends. Ah, Memorial Day, that great kick off to summer.

The key to a successful weekend, other than stocking up on food and beverages of your choosing, is to paint a smile on your face and have a good story to tell.

Those who know and care about you are sensitive to your feelings and will likely observe a “don’t ask” approach unless you can find a way to break the ice.

May I humbly suggest that a good story about The FENG will do the trick? Think about it, we are now the largest networking group for senior financial executives in the entire world. And, we perform all possible acts of friendship known to mankind for one another.

If you start out with a positive story about your search process, it will get the conversation going and you know what happens when those who want to help are actually allowed to help.

Now that you have practiced your 90-second announcement so it sounds natural, you can do a variation of it for those you know best. Trust me, everyone wants to help. They just usually don’t know how.

So, relax, have a good time, but don’t forget to network. Just don’t let anyone know that this is what you are doing.

Regards, Matt

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