EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I assume that most folks will not be working a full day in the office tomorrow. I know I won’t be.

I just thought I would remind everyone that holiday time is networking time. Those family and friend get-togethers this time of year are great networking events.

While it would probably be bad form to bring copies of your resume, there is nothing to stop you from bringing business cards and from chatting about your career with those you meet. While the family may know how to reach you, their many friends who might be attending won’t.

Business cards are in some respects a gift. When you hand someone your business card, they are sort of obligated to give you one of theirs. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to connect with individuals who you have met on a very social basis.

Social meetings, as opposed to formal networking events, allow everyone to be very open and frank. They are in most respects better because they have that element of friendship associated with them, even though you may be “buying them a drink” at someone else’s expense.

To carry paper and a pen to a social event is a little over the top. By having cards, you can easily pass on your contact information to those you meet.

Be sure to keep your story positive. I would even encourage you to chat about The FENG as a way of getting started.

You all belong to the world’s largest networking group for senior financial officers. Our traditions of helping one another and sharing job leads is an unbelievable tale and one I am sure each of you can milk to great effect (even though you will probably be drinking something else).

So, enjoy your time off. I will hopefully be out sailing.

Regards, Matt

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