EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

As you all know, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of the season we call summer.

So much for lazy days at the beach and relaxing vacations. It is time to get back to work. If you are “between assignments” it is also the unofficial beginning of the fall networking season.

Yes, I know that there will be football games on TV, but it is also the season of getting out and about, making new friends and hopefully finding a source of income. (We used to call them jobs, but I don’t want to get carried away with myself.)

While it is probably best that you didn’t call anyone on Tuesday and even maybe today, tomorrow is a good day to get started. As you plan out your fall and winter campaign, keep in mind that the dreaded Thanksgiving to Christmas season will be upon us soon enough. (It is only dreaded in the sense that it is another one of those times during the year when we “perceive” that networking contacts are unavailable.)

Your goal is to make hay when the sun shines! Have I ever mentioned our Member Directory Search feature? (Yes Matt, only about once or twice a week.) This amazing tool will allow you to find ALL of your old friends who worked at companies you worked at, or at worst case, people who know people you knew at those firms. Don’t get bashful on me. If they worked at a firm where you worked and you don’t remember their names, contact them anyway. It is a mathematical impossibility that they won’t know SOMEONE you remember from XYZ Corporation. (Is there really an XYZ Corporation? I guess this is a question we will have to solve another time.)

Have I ever mentioned that we have chapter meetings, most likely within a 20-30 minute drive from your home? Again, this is something I bring up a lot. You need to practice your 90-second announcement in front of a live audience, and a friendly audience is easy to find at your local chapter. If you stay home, your odds of making a networking connection are slim to none. If you get out of the house and go to one of our meetings, the odds of your meeting someone who we will designate as Santa Claus (the person who introduces you to a “work opportunity”) is exponentially higher than zero. (I don’t know, can a number be exponentially greater than zero? I guess this is another question we will have to solve at some other time.)

For those of you who have been waiting for the economy to improve, it now has. While there may not be full time CFO jobs waiting to be plucked from the vine like the proverbial low hanging fruit of legend, there ARE lots of companies out there with severe problems that you probably know how to solve.

If you have been out for a while, don’t be proud and don’t be extremely picky. One of the major lectures I give from time to time is that “It’s always better to be working.”

The opportunities you may find in the next piece of time may not provide you with 6 weeks of vacation time, a company car, a large office (corner preferred), or any of the other amenities you would like to become accustomed to, but they may provide you with the ability to practice your skill sets and earn a little money.

Remember, if finding a job were really easy, you wouldn’t appreciate it.

Regards, Matt

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