EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

If there is one enduring truth about The FENG it is that we are a circle of friends. It started with the individual who sponsored you, and ends with … well, it doesn’t end.

Just as friends don’t let friends drive drunk, friends also shouldn’t let friends feel alone during their job search.

I called one of our members recently to follow up on an old piece of correspondence and was greeted by a drone. Hey, I’m feeling a little down today. (Really? Who knew?)

I recognize that the job market isn’t what it used to be when we were in our youth, but then, what is? The important thing is that right now, each and every day, you have to be working hard on your job search and that means keeping your energy level high.

While it may be true that misery loves company, it is also true that if you can put on a happy face for an hour, you can bring others and yourself up to “fighting strength.” Whether you do this in person or over the phone is up to you, but I suggest your local coffee shop.

Here is what you do. Visit our website and using our Member Directory Search feature, search on your area code and telephone exchange. “(203) 227” would be mine. Try to find at least 4 folks who are available for breakfast. Breakfast is cheap and quick and won’t use up the best part of your day, especially if you eat breakfast at 7AM like I try to do.

There is nothing like some idle chatter, coffee, eggs and bacon to make your whole day and your life look a lot better. This not being at a chapter meeting, you can forget about doing formal 90-second announcements and just quietly present your backgrounds to each other. A booth at a coffee shop will perhaps even bring up fond memories of your misspent youth hanging out with your friends.

In any case, you have it in you to put together a floating group that meets regularly. (One of those “same time next week” kinds.

There is no reason on earth you have to go through your search by yourself. You need to get out of the house and be with others to discuss the outrage of the day that only those who have had to do a job search really know about or understand.

Buddy up. It is the best way to make the process something you might even miss when you are back in the world of work. And, with your improved attitude, it won’t be long!

Regards, Matt

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