EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

As we all blast out of our day to day lives to attend or host Thanksgiving celebrations later this week, keep in mind that whether or not you REALLY are down on your luck, it never helps to let others know it.

While there are those who I greatly respect who out of the kindness of their hearts work at soup kitchens for the poor, as a general rule “woe is me” is not a good networking approach.

As a member of The FENG, you are anything but down on your luck. You are part of the largest networking group for senior financial executives in the ENTIRE world. And if that doesn’t make you proud, I don’t know what might.

In my conversations with members over the years, it is a common pattern for them to tell me of the interviews they have gotten from job postings or from networking, and yet they almost always end with: “But I still haven’t been offered a job.” Well, duh, I kind of figured that. Still, why end all that good news with a downer?

As you share a fine meal and perhaps a football game with friends and family over the next few holiday weeks through New Year’s Day, paint a smile on that face and tell positive stories.

The easiest one to start with is about The FENG. If you have been a member more than a few days, I hope you have at least one and maybe more unbelievable war stories to share about how someone called you in an unsolicited act of friendship and provided you with a job lead, a resume review, or just a phone call that revived your spirits on a day when you were down.

My guess is that you have also had a more than a few successes, even though as I am sure you will add, you haven’t yet landed or if you are working, found another job.

Share the positives and see if you can bring yourself to stop there. Believe me everyone will enjoy their time with you a lot more if you do.

Let people know what you do and what kinds of help you might need. It is my belief that everyone wants to help, but very few people actually know how. Give them a few hints, and you never know what will come to you.

Enjoy the holiday. My best to you and yours!

Regards, Matt

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