EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

It is an unfortunate fact of life that no one can find you another job except for you. While it is POSSIBLE that others can help you in some way, they can’t actually do it for you.

What we do in The FENG is provide you with the tools for an effective job search. These tools run the gamut from advice about networking, to chapter meetings, to access to our membership directory using our Member Directory Search feature.

As it has been said, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. The resources for an effective job search are staring you in the face, but it is up to you to use them in the best possible way to be successful in your quest.

What I suggest is that you drink deeply.

Given that the great recession is now long over, attendance at our chapter meetings is currently not as strong as I would like. It has been noticed that some folks show up for one meeting, but don’t keep coming back. Since they don’t come back, it is hard for me to ask them why they don’t. My suspicion is that they were somehow expecting me to hand them a job on a silver platter. That just doesn’t happen.

We work the attendees of our Westport chapter very hard, especially on their elevator speeches. Is it possible that this is too stressful? Well, it doesn’t matter if it is or it isn’t. Success comes when preparation meets opportunity. I want to know that you are presenting your credentials in the best possible light and in a memorable fashion. Practice, practice and more practice is the only way a tool as useful to you as this is going to sound natural.

We don’t discuss job leads at our meetings. I would think that there are more than enough of them in our daily newsletter. And, in any case, most folks find their jobs from networking. We devote the valuable time in these face to face meetings to learning about each other’s skills and backgrounds. It is not actually necessary that you meet a “mirror” at any particular meeting. What is important is that you learn the art of meeting and making friends with strangers (who are only friends you haven’t met).

Again, the goal is tools, not a specific result.

If you set a goal of learning something new every day, you will shortly become a much smarter individual. It is this cumulative effect that inevitably causes you to find another job, or as I call them a “work opportunity.”

I always hate to disappoint. What I am suggesting is that you set realistic expectations for your participation in The FENG and the result it will bring you. While we are a remarkable organization, we can’t create miracles.

I’ll leave the miracle creation process in your very capable hands.

Regards, Matt

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