EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

There is nothing more important to an effective job search than a positive attitude.

Sure, building an effective resume, a pithy 90-second announcement and a library of cover letters is always a good idea, the fact remains that positively focused dogged determination tends to win the day more often than all of these same factors coupled with being down in the dumps.

If you allow yourself to think that the world is raining on your parade or that you have been singled out for punishment by the gods, you are going to be in worse shape than if you do nothing at all.

Think about the fact that all communications come from your brain. (Duh, where else could they come from?) As the energy moves from your brain through your body to your fingertips or your voice, what comes out is often a reflection of how you are feeling on any particular day.

Now I have to ask you how any member of The FENG could EVER be having a bad day when each and every one of you has 40,000+ friends? (I can see that smile already forming on your lips, and I haven’t even said anything really funny yet.)

Just as you can work yourself into a frenzy over some ridiculous slight like a recruiter or a networking contact not calling you back, the opposite is also true.

It is also very easy to work yourself into a GOOD mood. There are many techniques you can try if you like. My personal favorite is to call a few friends. (I hope this is one you will try.)

You can also do a little blessing counting. Hey, you’re a financial person. Counting things should come easy. Just set up a “T” account and have at it.

Anyone who has any “mood altering” suggestions should send them in. Those with tongue planted firmly in cheek would be preferred. (I will even publish them without attribution if you potential Henny Youngman’s are modest.)

Glasses as we know can be perceived as half full or half empty. Do us both a favor and take that glass over to the nearest faucet and fill it to the top. Do this even if you aren’t thirsty at the moment, because, you never know when you will be.

Regards, Matt

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