EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

From time to time I give a presentation to the Westport Chapter about how to use our website, and in particular how to use our not so new Member Directory Search feature.

Based on the great interest of those attending, apparently there are quite a few members who haven’t taken the time to explore our rather remarkable website. For those of you who are totally asleep at the switch, our website is located at www.TheFENG.org.

It is very difficult to sign in and get your password – NOT. All you have to do is enter your email address for the newsletter in the white box in the upper right hand corner of your screen and your password in the next box. If you have never signed in before (shame on you), click “Log In” anyway and on the next screen click “I forgot my password” down at the bottom of the screen. A one-time only link will be sent to you. When you click that link, you will be brought to a screen that will force you to create a unique password (which you might want to write down somewhere).

It is only once you “get in the door” that the real fun can begin. Your Chapters and Special Interest Groups that are part of your directory listing appear in the center of the screen. Click any one of them and you will be brought to a screen that will list meetings, if any, that are scheduled. (You might want to go to a few meetings and see what goes on.) We have a rather robust RSVP system.

On the top right side of the initial screen is your sponsor. Listed under that are folks you have sponsored. Clicking any one of them will bring up their directory listing, which is printable. You might want to call or email them. (It’s called networking.)

The second item under “Members Only” is the Member Directory Search feature. When using it, keep in mind that you are allowed to have only one custom search directory saved on the website. My advice is to download and save any searches you do that you might want to keep. Any new search you do will overwrite the previous one. Your limit is 100 results. If you are focused, this limit should pose no difficulties. Down at the bottom of the list you have generated is a button: Create a custom directory. If you click that button, it will take you to another screen with a button that says “Your newly created custom directory.” (Do a right mouse click and save target as. They’ll all have the same name, so change it before you save it.) These are all Word files that are searchable but not sortable, all in the same format as our individual directory listings.

How to search? There are lots of ways to get started. First, let’s find some neighbors with whom you might want to have coffee. A lot depends on where you live, of course, but you can search on your city and state, or your zip code. Be aware of the search parameters section when running a search. You have “start of field” or “any part of field” or “whole field” to choose from. You can also choose to select only those folks who match all of your selections or all of the folks who match any of your selections.

After you have done a neighborhood search, do a slightly less localized search for folks who are just like you. Select your chapter and your special interest group(s) and match all fields.

If you are looking for folks who are currently working at a particular company, put the name of that firm in the Company box under work information. If you are looking for folks who have or are currently working at a particular firm, use the Company/School box at the top of the form.

I will appeal to your inner accountant. There is no charge for running as many searches as you like.

As a reminder, please know that Tom Allen, Co-Chair of our Atlanta chapter, has written an easy to use guide for our Member Directory Search feature. You will find it on our website under: Member Area, Member Downloads, Other Useful Documents. It is listed as: Member Directory Search Documentation.

For those of you who are fans of LinkedIn, let me point out an important difference. You don’t need permission to contact a fellow member of The FENG. One of our commitments to each other is to be responsive when fellow members contact us to network. Hey, if we expect others to help us when we have needs, how can we refuse the same favors to those who contact us? Answer, we can’t. There is one more important difference. In our directories, the information is actually there. There are certainly a significant number of members of The FENG signed up for LinkedIn. That said, if you are searching for financial folks, this is the place to go.

Our website was built at great expense to serve your networking needs. PLEASE make use of it. If you need help, call someone. Two heads are better than one. It is very intuitive and I am sure you will figure it out.

And item last, if you would like our website improvements to continue, consider making a donation. Information on how to do so is out on our website. Any amount you would like to contribute will be most appreciated.

Networking, networking and more networking is the key to job search success. And contacting your fellow members of The FENG is the best place to start. So, have at it.

Regards, Matt

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