EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I don’t know if you have noticed, but all of the job leads from The FECG include a sentence that says “You may forward this to other members of The FENG if you are aware of their background and/or interest in this kind of opportunity.”

I wish all the job leads in our newsletter had this sentence.

If only our eyes weren’t so bad, and the job leads for our particular areas of expertise so few and far between, I suppose all members could be expected to read the newsletter for themselves and catch all the opportunities that were a fit for them. However, we really do need other members watching out for us.

Yes, all of us are responsible for ourselves first. I accept that, but there is nothing wrong with your adopting several other members of this august body for whom you act as “body guard.” Who knows, they might even return the favor (many times over).

If you have been networking within The FENG and have made a few new friends who are “just like you,” it is just as good to share a job lead with them from the newsletter as it is to share with them something that you have discovered on your own from another source.

This is in a sense a perfect corollary of my ever popular saying: “The best ideas are freshly stolen.”

In our efforts to speed read from the screen the “burp” that comes your way every evening, it is easy to skip over something that might be a fit. Hidden away in some electronic corner of the newsletter may be a “lottery ticket” with your name on it. The only problem is that you didn’t spot it. Well, what if one of your friends did and called you?

Okay, now you would owe him/her a favor. Well, it’s not like you have to pay him/her off in U.S. dollars. You can call on a day when he/she needs a little boost, or you can offer to take a look at his/her resume, or any one of a number of other things. (Don’t offer to put his/her kids through college because that can get expensive!)

Early in my membership in The FENG I was fortunate to make a good friend by the name of Ken Hall. For some reason he liked me and he used to call me from time to time with job leads to share. Somehow, Ken had learned and understood my background and the leads he sent my way were ones I usually got interviews for. (This was before our newsletter existed. We only shared job leads at meetings.)

Anyway, the point is that Ken was “watching my back.”

If you are only looking out for number one, you only have one person watching out for you. What if you could have 50 or 100 folks keeping you in mind? Well, you can. Just know that someone has to go first.

I hope you will be one of them.

Regards, Matt

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