EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

The FENG, as our name implies, is a networking group. I know some of you may be fooled from time to time by the fact that we publish job leads, but please don’t be confused.

The sharing of job leads is an act of friendship, plain and simple. As much as we make every attempt to make the job leads we publish in our newsletter appropriate to our membership, and as much as we try to get them out to you within 24 hours, and as much as we try to encourage you to get recruiters at search firms and in human resources departments to post with us, the fact remains that 85% or more of you will find your next jobs by networking.

Let me start by reminding you about our Member Directory Search feature. We now have our 40,000+ members in a parsed database that can be search in an infinite number of ways.

According to our Google analytics, this is our most popular feature. If you haven’t taken it for a test drive, please have at it. If you are starting at the very beginning of the networking process, look up all of your old friends. Next, look up all the companies where you have ever worked. After that, look up firms that were competitors. Hey, you might have met some of these people at industry gatherings. Worst case, they may know people that you know. If you enter your zip code, you can find members literally within shouting distance. Other searches I will leave to your imagination. The best part of this “on the fly searching” is that you can create downloadable directories in our standard membership directory format.

The second new leg of our powerful networking offering is our RSVP system. By registering for our meetings, our chapter chairs can even print you a name badge that can be read from across the room. Name badges print in a standard 3” x 4” format, so if you bring a badge holder that size, you’ll be all set. It even has an FENG logo on it! Remember the attendance list that is traditionally passed around meetings for you to enter your name and email address? (Shamefully low tech, don’t you think?) Before the meeting and after the meeting, you can download a meeting directory in our standard membership directory format. Be advised, however, that if you don’t show up for the meeting, you may be deleted from the list at the discretion of the chapter chair. (See, Woody Allen was right when he said 90% of life is just showing up.) If you read the list before the meeting, you might even find someone to carpool with. More importantly, you can identify specific members to connect with at the meeting based on their backgrounds.

And now for the third leg of our networking machine: The FENG Forum. Bruce Lynn, COO of Chapter & SIG Operations also oversees The FENG Forum, so if you have any suggestions or questions, please send him an email: BruceLynn@TheFENG.org. Feel free to participate. The FENG twist to Forums is that in our world, if you click on the name of anyone posting, their directory listing comes up.

The expression “you can run but you can’t hide” has negative connotations. I hope no one in The FENG is into hiding, except in plain sight. By ensuring your contact information is up to date, and exposing your credentials to other members through posts on The FENG Forum, you can become famous in your own right. And if not famous, at least you can make a few new networking contacts who you can add to your very own “inner circle of friends.”

The original idea of sending out the newsletter at night was that members who were active in their searches would have a reason to turn on their computers in the morning. Hey, if your computer is on, you may as well check and see if anyone else has written to you. Perhaps you can answer an ad or follow up with a networking contact. (All part of our “evil plan” to help you find your next “work opportunity.”)

All of our tools require you to visit our website and sign in. The “evil plan” here is to get you to do more networking.

Are you sensing a theme here?

Regards, Matt

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