EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

If looking for a job the first time wasn’t hard enough, going at it a second time after only a short break can be in some respects even harder.

Sure, bringing your resume up to date isn’t all that difficult. There is the issue of how to deal with a short period of employment, but once you have decided how to display it, you are basically there.

The really hard part is restarting your networking process. Contacting all of the friends and associates who were kind enough to see you last time can be more than a little intimidating. How are you going to explain why you are “back at it” again?

In part what is going on here is that you may personally feel that you made a mistake. Did you do a proper due diligence on the company that hired you? Or for some reason was it that you just didn’t fit in?

Hindsight is always 20/20. And if you were so smart to be able to see the future as you so clearly see the present, you probably would be so rich you wouldn’t need a job. So, take a break and stop beating yourself up. It won’t help anyway.

The real risk here is in communicating these feelings to those you are planning to enlist a second time around.

Rather than go back to your old networking list first, I would suggest to you that a far better approach to get your networking fired up is to first network within The FENG. Hey, it is the world’s best and most friendly resource. And, if you have been away from the membership directory for even 6 months, you will be amazed and astounded at how many new members we now have with whom you can communicate.

None of these folks who are new to you will have the same reaction as those old familiar faces. My guess is that you will have fewer concerns sharing your story with new friends. Once you have told your story enough times, then and only then should you seek out those more senior members of your own personal network.

At that point you will have gotten past the “death in the family” thing and be able to deal in a more intelligent manner with those who are most familiar with you and your skills.

Together we have created a truly remarkable organization. Enjoy one of the many benefits of being a member.

Regards, Matt

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