EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

Much has been written over the years about the hidden job market. That said, it may not be clear to all of you how to go about finding these opportunities. After all, if they are hidden, how do you come to know about them?

The public job market is reflected by job postings of all kinds. As a member of The FENG you get a truck load of them every week. The problem is that, regardless of the source – job boards or personal relationships, EVERYONE knows about these jobs in short order.

The hidden job market is one that doesn’t formally exist. When members find jobs this way, they are always surprised or shocked. But, like most things, it is the logical progression of a work effort that makes it all happen.

Networking, networking, networking – this is what The FENG is all about. Your greatest power tool is the Member Directory Search feature out on our website. To start yourself down the road to finding a hidden job, this tool is the one you really want to learn how to use.

The additional tools you need are a target company list, a well written but brief basic email cover letter and a resume that is also well written. This resume should be tested for its electronic compatibility by sending it to at least 10 friends to make sure it prints on their printer the way you would like it to appear.

The search of the directory is done by selecting criteria of your choosing. If you narrow your search by geography or special interest group, that is fine too. A focused approach will work best and you are limited to 100 results using our Member Directory Search feature.

When writing to your fellow members be sure to make your note personal. “Dear FENG member” is NEVER a good way to begin. And, in the interest of your fellow members continuing to be available to other members, I would ask you to be VERY selective. Try 10-20 messages and do your follow-up calls to see if you are on the right track.

The membership directory is designed to provide you with sufficient information to make judgments as to your fellow members’ backgrounds and their willingness to think yours makes sense and to give them the confidence when you reach them that they can actually help you.

If you communicate with others who are just like you based on background, specific company, or industry, you will find that they understand better what you have done and who to connect you to. And, therein lies the solution.

Over the course of “connecting the dots,” you will get introduced to individuals who have problems you can solve. This being the case, one of them might actually have a problem so bad that they will offer you a job, or at least a work opportunity. Bingo! You have now found a hidden job. When you walked in there was no job. The person sitting across from you didn’t know they had a problem or didn’t know there was a solution to a problem they had only ill defined.

This is what makes networking so much fun. It surprises you at every turn.

Regards, Matt

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