EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

A few years ago, I got a lovely note from one of our alumni members lamenting the fact that he rarely gets any phone calls from his fellow members requesting networking assistance. Even though he was feeling unloved, he asked me not to mention his name for fear that all of you would call him to make him feel better.

In his note, he assured me that although he rarely gets phone calls from his fellow members, when he does, he drops whatever he is doing and gives the individual who is calling his full time and attention for as long as that person needs it. Hey, if he has to work late to make up the time, he was prepared to do it. You are all THAT important to him.

I can assure you that he is not alone in his willingness to help fellow members of our august body. Most likely ANYONE listed in our membership directory would do the same. I know it is hard for some of our new members or bashful ones to believe, but it is hard wired in the DNA of “Fanatic FENG’ers” to offer advice and networking assistance whenever asked.

Anyone who has been through the experience of being unemployed feels your pain, and most of our members have. Some have been through it several times. In addition, they live safe in the knowledge that if and when their turn comes again that you or another member will be there for them.

Most financial folks are analytical types and not gregarious by nature. Then, of course, there is that whole “guy thing” which causes us to be reluctant to ask for directions at a gas station. (Thank goodness for GPS! Now we don’t have to face that.)

I am often told how difficult our members find it to network. The test I pose when this is mentioned to me is to ask if they have ever been asked to do a favor by someone? The answer is almost always yes. The next question I ask is how did it make them feel? The answer is always “warm inside.”

The next suggestion I make is that they have no right to play God and deny the good feeling of helping others to all the people they are going to call tomorrow to network. Hard to believe, but you are doing THEM a favor by allowing them to help you.

I realize they have likely installed fiber optic cables in all of your neighborhoods over the past decade or so, but I must ask that not EVERYONE begin networking in earnest tomorrow and calling each and every other member who might possibly be able to help you. Spread it out over a few days to ensure that we don’t bring the US telephone system to its knees.

There actually aren’t very many operators standing by anymore, only members of The FENG.

Regards, Matt

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