EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

Sharing job leads is only one of many counter-intuitive ideas that those of us who have been involved in The FENG for a period of time simply accept as the truth.

As I often say, some of the ideas we have developed in The FENG take a little living with before you come to understand how they can work for you.

A second area I would present for your consideration is the idea of asking for and accepting help. As you know, “guys don’t ask for directions at the gas station.” And, since most of our members are guys, this is one of the things I push from time to time in the evening editorial.

Networking is frequently viewed as the quintessential situation of asking for help. I guess that’s why most rational folks avoid it. That is until they try it a few times.

The truth is that networking is an activity where it only appears that you are receiving and not giving. Sure, help may be given, but to a degree even if you are on the receiving end of information and business contacts, you have helped the person on the other end of the phone. Want proof? How did you feel the last time someone called YOU and asked for and received help? Chances are that you felt pretty good! So, at the very least, you made your networking contact feel good that they were able to help.

Giving back is another concept that has a rather fluid aspect in The FENG. Favors you receive from any member can be paid back to any other member. Sounds silly, I suppose, but it should loosen you up to asking for and receiving help if you are secure in the knowledge that you can pay back your “debt to society.”

I hope that all members will view their “relationship” with other members of our august body as a long term commitment, not only to themselves in terms of keeping their networking going even when they are working, but also in terms of always making themselves available to others who need help.

We all know and accept that at different times in your life you can have a greater or lesser degree of time and ability to provide assistance. The only requirement is that when you do have time, and/or can MAKE time, that you do so.

All jobs are temporary. In truth we aren’t between jobs when we are unemployed, we are between searches when we are working. This simple truth about the world we live in should not be viewed as a threat to your existence because we have the solution in our little society called The FENG.

We are building an august body of friends who share job leads, share our life experiences, share our knowledge, and it should be a place where we can feel comfortable asking for and accepting help when we need it.

Who would believe this was possible? Anyone who has gotten a welcoming phone call or enjoyed the benefit of a shared lead knows the truth. We have a good thing going here, and it is only getting better.

Regards, Matt

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