EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I need everyone’s help.

No, The FENG isn’t for sale in the retailing sense. That said, it is vitally important that each us every day and in every way, make the “outside world” aware of our unique organization.

I have on several occasions since the beginning of the year done a promotion to the search community. We have approximately 4,000+ registered Friends of The FENG.

I always get back nice notes when I do these promotions and usually for a few weeks we see an increase in postings in our newsletter. Still, it is not enough.

If you are being considered for a job through a search firm, I would ask you to direct them to our website and have them register. It is only if they are registered that I will have the opportunity to persuade them what a well behaved group of individuals we are. The direct link is: http://www.thefeng.org/membership/application.php?AppType=F

The second audience on which I need help is recruiters who work for corporations of all sizes. What appears to be happening in the market is that more and more companies have hired recruiters from search firms as W-2 employees. We need to get these folks registered as well and get them to post their jobs on our website. The direct link for them to use is: http://www.thefeng.org/membership/application.php?AppType=E

The third audience is Private Equity Groups. Most of them are now in a period of time where they are more actively managing the portfolio companies they have acquired, and guess what? They hire well experienced individuals who have been there and done that. In an amazing turn of circumstances based on what you hear from other types of employers, the more over qualified you are for the job, the happier they are. So, please also encourage these folks to visit our website and register as well. They should also use: http://www.thefeng.org/membership/application.php?AppType=E

Here is the basic sales pitch you can use:


The FENG is the world’s largest business networking group of senior financial officers. Our 40,000+ members are primarily CFO’s, Controllers, and VP’s of Finance, Treasury, Tax or M&A. We exist to create an opportunity for senior financial professionals to network, share job leads and friendship with peers.

The purpose of this note is to encourage you to make full use of this great resource. Utilizing The FENG to post your senior level financial searches will enable you to shorten your hiring timelines.

Please note that we do not post jobs on our website. What we do is publish a newsletter 5 days a week that is delivered to our members by outbound email. All the jobs that appear in our newsletter are new every day.

I look forward to hearing from you and being of service to you with regard to any financial searches appropriate to our membership. Jobs sent our way should exceed $120,000 in base salary and fit into one of the above categories.

For best results when posting with us, be sure to include a salary range and the exact city location if at all possible. I would also ask you to sign your note with an outgoing signature that includes your FULL business card information. It honestly makes your posting look more serious. You may put “Please NO phone calls.” just before your signature if you are concerned about our members contacting you by phone.

All you need to do is paste the position description you would like published into an email or provide an email cover note and attach the position description in a Word file. (Adobe PDF format is not acceptable.) Please be sure to repeat your email address or indicate where you want responses sent at the end of the position description. Your requirements should be sent to: Leads@TheFENG.org.

All postings go out under my name or under the name of a referring member with the caveat “Qualified members only may use my name in contacting.”

I can assure you that you will get a qualified and targeted response. However, just so you don’t become alarmed, be aware that 90% of the responses will be on your desk within 48 hours of your posting appearing in our newsletter.

As incredible as it may seem, the 40,000+ members of The FENG understand what “qualified members only” means. They also understand the responsibility imposed upon them by “please use my name in contacting.” If you get too many unqualified responses, it will most likely be because you didn’t indicate the salary range or the exact city location. As I have been heard to say, “money talks” and “location, location, location.” Job seekers honestly can’t easily tell what jobs pay. Having grown up in Chicago, I can also assure you that the Midwest is a big place. Try to be as specific as possible.

Position descriptions do not have to be shortened from your “official” position description. Please take as much space as you like.

Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss our network or if you have additional questions or issues you would like clarified. I am always interested in hearing from you on any and all concerns you may have about posting opportunities to our group.

We look forward to hearing from you and being of service.


Please feel free to “plagiarize” my note in full if you need to. With your help, we will get more job postings for you to consider.

Regards, Matt

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