EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

As our organization has gotten better known, each week we get several membership applications without a sponsor indicated. But as all of you know, a sponsor is required.

Our first approach is to ask “Who sent you to our website?” Usually that brings up the name of a member. But failing that, we ask the applicant to pick up that 400 pound phone and call us. Strangely, some never do.

It always has been my thinking that what makes this whole thing work that we all kind of know each other.

I don’t think that it is all that easy for strangers to share job leads with each other. What exactly would be the incentive? But in the case of The FENG, you can be assured that even if you don’t personally know those who are benefiting from your job leads, they are at least “a friend of a friend.”

In addition, I hope you don’t mind my repeating our theme song of “networking, networking, and more networking.”

How effective will you be at your job search and in networking within The FENG if you don’t start with a sponsor? I can’t believe that it would work.

It is rare when it takes us more than 5 minutes to pair up an applicant with a member they know. As a cousin of mine likes to say, “There are only 37 people in the world, and the rest is done with mirrors.” (I also like to think that in addition to Chairing The FENG, I am running Matt’s lost friends society. It really is a kick to reconnect old friends who have lost track of one another!)

If we can’t hook up a new member applicant with an old friend, we send them 5 names to contact so they can make some new friends. They are always amazed and astounded that someone they don’t really know will sponsor them AND be helpful to them.

I have made many close friends during the time I have been Chairman of this august body. And, I hope that each of you will see your relationship with The FENG as an opportunity to make lots and lots of new friends, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

I don’t quote or paraphrase Jimmy Carter much, but job search IS the moral equivalent of war, and it helps to have a few war buddies to watch your back.

Regards, Matt.

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