EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

The second Wednesday in November we will be having another meeting of The FENG’s Westport chapter.

I tell you this not so that you will attend. Goodness knows, it is probably a little far for most of you. (But if your travels bring you to Westport on the evening of one of our meetings, please know you will be more than welcome to attend.) No, my reason is to remind you that chapter meetings represent a golden opportunity that honestly shouldn’t be missed.

Have you been practicing your 90-second announcement? If you have been doing this in the comfort of your own home, let me assure you this is a good thing to do, but it is hardly enough. The missing element is a live audience. The additional benefit is that the live audience you will encounter at a member of The FENG will also be a friendly audience so you can improve this important tool.

I will assume you have a competent resume. There are so many opportunities and resources available to improve your resume. But, the only way you can improve your 90-second announcement is to actual perform it and perform it often.

Do you have enough networking contacts? No? Then what better place to find more than a meeting of The FENG? One of our members said to me once that if he stayed home he could be assured he wouldn’t meet anyone important to his search. If he came to a meeting there was at least the possibility of it happening.

What exactly goes on at chapter meetings? (No, we don’t wear funny hats.) The primary element is the creation of energy. Having to get into your “grown-up” clothes, prepare a 90-second announcement, polish your resume and print off copies, it’s all sort of like being back at work. That’s a good thing.

The format of our meeting in Connecticut consists of sharing our resumes with each other and 90-second announcements. We normally have a guest speaker who takes about an hour of the meeting. I try to leave about 30 minutes at the end for members to connect individually after the meeting.

It is really a very non-threatening environment. Actually, the operative phrase is warm and supporting.

We have made your preparation very simple too. The night before the meeting, download the attendance list and print it off. Study the backgrounds of those scheduled to attend so you will know who you want to meet. If you want to print off a professional looking name badge and/or a table tent, we have tools for you to use out on our website. All you have to do is sign in. Under “Members Only, Member Downloads, Other useful documents,” you will find easy use files with our official logo.

I know some of you who “walk among us” pride yourselves on never having attended a chapter meeting. Trust me it shouldn’t be a source of pride.

As you know, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. We provide the water you need to drink. And no, it isn’t Kool-Aid. But, it tastes good and actually is a little addictive.

Your chapter leadership will be delighted to see you there.

Regards, Matt

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