EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

Seeing difficult times as times of opportunity I suppose is a skill in and of itself.

It is far too easy to see a job search as full of trials and tribulations. Of course, it is a difficult time, but it is also a time when if you are going to go through a change, it is a good time to sit and think about your future and what you need to do to be where you want to be.

For most of our members it is my belief that this is a good time to bone up on your technology skills.

Most of our members move from large companies to smaller firms. In these smaller firms you can be almost guaranteed that you will need to be more hands on than in your last job.

Those things that you had staff to do, you may be the person doing it all.

I tend to see the leading edge, such as resumes without page breaks. The obvious factory resumes with third pages with nothing on them. Clearly, members have had these documents prepared for them and they have no clue how to fix them.

I hope that all of you are take charge individuals and that you take charge of your own needs during your transition. Key skill among the many you need to be successful in a job search is your skill with computers.

They really aren’t all that tough to learn. Think about it: children know how computers work, so you with your years of work experience you can learn too!

If you need to do it, take a few computer classes at a local community college to get started or take a course online. And, buy your own equipment. There is no better approach to learning than doing it yourself.

Another area to consider is improving your public speaking skills. If you are active in your job search you are now on stage all the time. There is no better way to develop your interviewing skills than to build your public speaking skills. Think how much better your 90-second elevator speech will come across if you take a class in public speaking.

Technical skills in your profession are also a good idea. In our self-sacrificing approach to work, have you really been out there boning up and keeping current? There are lots of organizations that offer classes, and it can’t hurt to have taken a technical skill building class in accounting either.

Whatever you do, don’t let the time slip away. Sure you have to do your networking and job hunting, but that still leaves evenings and weekends to work on improving that remarkable individual that is you.

Regards, Matt

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