EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I continue to be amazed and astounded how many emails I get every day that aren’t signed and/or that make only vague references to what they are about.

“Thank you for adding Joe to our membership” isn’t really all that helpful unless I know who you are and who Joe is.

I am fortunate in that I have what I call “Matt’s secret decoder ring” (The FENG membership directory) handy at all times, but it is clearly an additional step to look you up, and then I may have to check my sent mail or my deleted mail to see what we were talking about.

Sometimes my mystery correspondent has taken the additional step of writing to me from an email address that is not in my address book. I have even gotten unsigned notes asking me to change an email address. I always write back and say “I will do so if you will only tell me who you are.”

You might also want to be aware that I know quite a few individuals with the same first and last name.

Now let’s put this in the context of where the rubber meets the road. I care about each and every one of you, so I TAKE THE TIME to figure out who you are. Most of those you are writing to don’t care and don’t have time for such mysteries. I believe you will find that they use the delete key. (Check their computer if you get a meeting with them and I think you will find the surface of this key a little worn and faded.)

It is far too easy for EVERYONE and ANYONE who is a member of The FENG to create an outgoing signature that I can think of no acceptable excuse why you haven’t. Look, if you have to call tech support and stay on hold for an hour for them to show you how to do it, believe me, it will be time well spent.

My outgoing signature is:


Regards, Matt

Matthew R. Bud
The Financial Executives Networking Group
32 Gray’s Farm Road
Weston, CT 06883

(203) 227-8965 Office Phone
(203) 820-4667 Cell Phone
(203) 227-8984 Fax


(Please don’t use this exact information because I don’t want to get your messages. But, do draw an analogy for your own use.)

“Attached is my resume” is also insufficient information for anyone in the search business to match up your “resume.doc” to an opportunity on which they may be working. Could it be they have as many as two searches going at one time or perhaps even three? Could it be that they won’t take the time to figure it out? Good guess on your part. BudMatthew.doc or BudMatthewResume.doc are much better choices. (Again, don’t use my name, use yours.)

Now listen, Peter Falk (who used to play Columbo) has only given me a day’s worth of instruction in how to be a good detective, but if you seriously think that anyone who doesn’t know what a wonderful person you are is going to spend more than 5 seconds figuring out who you are and why you have written, I think you are kidding yourself.

Regards, Matt

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