EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

As everyone heads off for the final celebration of 2019, I would suggest that those of you who are actively seeking a new position keep in mind the “warning” I give to those I coach on 90-second announcements: NO SAD STORIES.

Whether you are with family or friends, keep in mind what I tell anyone who will listen: every event is a NETWORKING event. You just never know who can help you, even Aunt Polly or your 90 year old Uncle George may know someone. I would also point out that some “youngsters” who are in their 30’s, if they are in attendance, may also have a few suggestions for you.

There may also be some friends of your relatives in attendance, who seeing that you have some light behind your eyes, may be willing to make introductions for you.

Remember, if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

The key is not to tell sad stories. Examples of “sad stories” include why you got laid off, why your company went out of business, the politics at your last company, how desperately you have been looking, etc., etc., etc.

While there are folks who will help you because they feel sorry for you, the better referrals come from those who you have impressed with your positive, never give up, I can do anything spirit.

The stories you want to tell should be about you. In the din of a party, they have to be brief, pithy and pointed. But if you have been to any of our chapter meetings, you are probably a pro at it by now.

Bringing resumes is probably “a little over the top,” but certainly bring several business cards.

So, enjoy the celebration. Don’t have too much to drink. Be charming and confident. I know you have it in you.

I already feel like helping you.

Regards, Matt

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