EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

My dear friend Norm Weinstock passed away a little over 10 years ago. Norm agreed to Co-Chair of The FENG when I began my Chairmanship back in 1996 and he also acted as our Treasurer and raised money for us to buy our first computers and to hire our first Administrative Assistant, Ann Marie Hobbs. Back in the day when we thought job boards posted worthwhile job leads, he also ran a committee of “Web Watchers.”

But by far the best thing he ever did was to start our Resume Review Committee.

Friendship and service to fellow members is the foundation upon which the Financial Executives Networking Group is built. One of the great features of membership in The FENG is the ability to reach out to fellow members and make connections. There is no better way to do that than by providing some advice on the structure and content of a fellow member’s resume. After all, we’re the ones who actually know what should be on a senior financial executive’s resume, not the presumed experts who charge large amounts of money and create documents that don’t work and in fact hurt your search efforts.

There are currently 43 very active committee members performing this service. I think that at one time we had over 200 committee members.

Requests for resume reviews come in every day and quite simply, we need more volunteers to keep up with the demand. And so, we are seeking alumni and active members willing to join us in providing one of the most important services that The FENG offers.

The former Committee Chair, Jim Saylor, recently retired. Although he is still offering to participate on the committee, he was doing such a great job that I actually had to recruit two people to fill his shoes.

The new Co-Chairs of the Committee are Lew Bader LewBader@TheFENG.org and Cheri Phillips CheriPhillips@TheFENG.org who are restructuring the processes to better serve The FENG community. As we head into this new decade, one thing is for sure – we need more resume reviewers.

So, if you are interested in giving back and can objectively provide feedback to members in need, please email them at ResumeReview@TheFENG.org. (I have set up this email address so that both Lew and Cheri can access it. Be sure to provide a copy of your resume and some sense of your availability.

Before you volunteer, please download our Resume Review Guidelines which you will find at https://www.thefeng.org/membersonly/documents.php?cat=o, Member Area, Member Downloads, Other Useful Documents. (Of course, all of you are invited to download this very brief guidebook that Lew and Cheri have created.)

The FENG is the world’s best networking group for senior financial executives. Through your volunteer efforts, we will be able to maintain and grow our reputation.

Regards, Matt

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