EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

One of my observations is that everyone seems to be shutting down earlier and earlier around holiday periods, and returning later and later. Last week was especially quiet.

Well, we’re going to be off to a flying start tomorrow. My advice is wait until Tuesday to call anyone for networking purposes. Anyone who can actually help you will be digging through a mountain of email.

I want everyone to know that we had a very successful series of fund raising events to close out 2019. Thanks to so many generous members, we are starting 2020 with sufficient cash balances to ensure we will be able to pay for our new website with no problems. And, our new website should be live in just a few months.

Once the website is up and running, job leads will no longer be in an attached file to our newsletter. To view job leads, you will need to sign in using the email address to which the newsletter is sent. If you haven’t established a password, it would be a good idea to set one up.

We have been having issues with our “I forgot my password” functionality, so send me an email if you don’t get a response immediately. Of course, check your spam folder first.

Over the next few weeks, I will be removing those who are “members in name only.” Those who have not donated in the past year, not opened a newsletter in the past month, and who have not visited our website in the past year will be put on “bad email” status. This will help our “reputation” in the world of Internet monitoring because a higher percentage of our messages will be opened and we will have a lower risk of members identifying our newsletter as spam. (Accidently, of course.)

To kick start our year, I will also be doing a reminder note to members of the search community about how safe it is to post their job leads with us and, how effective. Even though I will be promoting our community, don’t let me stop you from contacting recruiters you know. Send them to our website to register as Friends of The FENG.

I also need you out there sponsoring new members. The holiday period was slower than normal for new member recruitment. Surely there are a few folks out there who have been living under a rock and haven’t signed up yet for the world’s best networking group for senior financial officers.

So, in keeping with the theme of the Star Wars movies: May the force be with you in 2020.

Regards, Matt

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