EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

Having a positive attitude at ALL times is the most important thing you can do in life. And, not just when you are job searching.

But is it really possible to maintain a positive attitude ALL the time? Well, I suppose not, but it never hurts to try.

If you are having trouble from time to time maintaining that winning smile of yours, DON’T call anyone or see anyone that hour or that day.

My Grandmother used to say: “The worm that lives in the horseradish thinks the whole world is horseradish.”

The analogy for your search is that if you only call others and meet with others when you are able to maintain a positive persona, they will come to believe that you are always like this.

Everyone loves a winner. If you want others to “join your team” you can’t expect them to listen to your whining and complaining all the time. They actually just want to share in your joy. So, call them up when you have things to celebrate, even if they are only minor victories.

Job search is full of highs and lows. (Not all that different than the rest of life, but during a job search when you are feeling bad, at least you have something to blame it on.) On those dark days when you are in the dumper, don’t let anyone know. What others don’t know can’t hurt you.

Go for a walk. Go to the gym. Go to the beach (if it is warm enough). Just avoid human contact.

(I don’t recommend kicking the dog, especially if it is one of those larger breeds. They honestly don’t take abuse too well.)

Just remember, no one is out of work forever, it just seems that way. Do whatever it takes to clear your dark mood and then get back at it.

The usual cure I always recommend is calling new members. As a group, they always welcome contact from thoughtful “senior” members of The FENG. (Those who have been members for at least 24 hours.) You can wax eloquent and they just have to listen. After all, they don’t know how powerful you are. If they are rude, you might be able to get them dropped from our membership. They don’t know.

Above all else, keep your chin up. (It is easier to hit that way.)

Regards, Matt

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