EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

During this period of time when all there is going to be over the next few weeks is bad news, it is hard to think about a path forward. I’m sure there is one, but I don’t see it yet.

Earlier today I got a call from a Demetria Clark. As we began our conversation, I think she picked up on the fact that I thought it was a crank call. As she went on to explain that she had recently been in Nashville and had been pulled out, the personal nature of her tone started me actually listening to what she was saying.

Turns out, she really does work for the U.S. Small Business Administration, Disaster Assistance office and was asked to reach out to trade associations. Feeling I was still a bit skeptical, she offered to send me an email. As the conversation built, I shared with her the helpful nature of our organization, our scope and that we were primarily a middle market organization. She was very impressed.

I agreed to send out her announcement in tonight’s newsletter. If you are with a middle market company, please do send an email and register. As importantly, if you can think of other trade associations who should be aware of this program, send their contact information to Demetria, of course mentioning your membership in The FENG. I have already sent her contacts at the Association for Corporate Growth and Financial Executives International.

I don’t know where this may lead us, but it is vitally important that given what is going on, we need to make every effort to capitalize on any and all opportunities that may come our way.

This is but ONE example. Everything that comes on your radar screen needs to be examined more carefully than normal, because there no longer is a normal.

Anyone with a “hair brained scheme” they would like to discuss may call or write. I’m pretty good at removing the hair from hair brained schemes.

Regards, Matt

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