EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

My wife and I go cruising on our sailboat every summer for about two weeks. During that time it is a sound bet that there will be at least two full days where we won’t be able to get off the boat most of the day because it is raining too hard. Of course, I always have email to do. Sometimes Peggy and I have a search assignment we’re working on, so we do that. Other times I have a boat project or two that I have been meaning to get to. (If I have to choose between sailing or working on the boat, it is always sailing.)

Given that most of the country is on lockdown at the moment, there honestly isn’t much you can do as far as in person networking is concerned. (Given a choice between networking and working on a resume, cover note or 90-second announcement, I hope you always choose networking.)

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything productive you can do. As I suggested a few days ago, all of you have an assigned task to reach out to everyone you know (and some people you don’t know YET like new members) and see how they’re doing.

Although you could spend the whole day doing just this, I know you would like to have a little variety in your life, so may I suggest you spend a little time polishing up your 90-second announcement, your standard cover letter and, of course, your resume.

If you sign into our website, under “Member Area, Member Downloads, Other Useful Documents” you will find several things of interest. We have 4 Model Resumes, a document on 90-Second Announcements (written by my wife), a document with Trick Interview Questions and a document with 24 Networking Tips. Lots of good stuff, and not exactly “busy work.”

If you want to watch about the novel coronavirus non-stop on TV, that’s up to you. I doubt you will learn as much as taking advantage of this time when there is NOTHING else to do to build your job search portfolio of skills. You can even work on building your Inner Circle of Friends by using our Member Directory Search feature. There is also a file you can download on this topic.

Although there are those who believe it will always be raining, be an optimist. Sooner or later you will be able to “get back at it.”

Taking the time now to prepare for that wonderful day will make it possible for you to be miles ahead of everyone else. (Except for your fellow members of The FENG who were smart enough to follow my advice.)

Regards, Matt

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