EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

I spent almost the entire day today learning how to host meetings on Zoom.

In addition to my desk station, I had two laptops set up in my office so I could see what you will be seeing. I also roped my wife and son (who is also The FENG’s webmaster) into helping educate me on the ins and outs of this “new to me” program. Of course, I started from a very high base of knowledge due to the leadership of my two Co-Chairs, Bruce Lynn and Marty Latman.

Bruce and Marty took the lead over the past few weeks in experimenting with Zoom. Based on their research and experimentation, it was clear this was the correct choice for the moment and we have secured 10 licenses.

I guess it’s true that you can teach an old dog new tricks. I am all set up and ready to go.

I have set up a Zoom meeting on the Westport Chapter’s RSVP page for 11AM to Noon, New York City time this Friday, April 24th. (Be sure to pick the right meeting.) I will be doing a presentation on how to use The FENG’s remarkable Member Directory Search feature to build your “Inner Circle of Friends.” ONLY those who register by Thursday evening at 9PM will be sent the access code for the meeting.

If you would like to register, I would suggest you sign up ASAP as our license is limited to only 300 participants. If there is enough demand, I will repeat this presentation early next week.

If you have any difficulty signing into our website (as in you have forgotten your password), take a shot at having a link sent to you using our “I forgot my password” functionality. If that doesn’t seem to work (and we have been having problems with this functionality), send me an email and I will reset your password for you.

As a bit of homework, so you will get the most out of my presentation, go to “Member Area, Member Downloads, Other Useful Documents” and download, print and read the file “Member Directory Search Documentation” created by our very own Tom Allen of the Atlanta Chapter.

Let me also suggest you follow Marty Latman’s sage advice (repeated below) and download Zoom to your computer.

Please know that it is my practice that all meetings start on time and end on time. I will begin adding people from the “waiting room” several minutes before 11AM and will “kick off” on time.

Should you have specific issues you would like discussed, please send me a brief email. I’ve done this presentation at chapter meetings, but it will be harder to ask questions.

If this presentation goes well, I have been in touch with several folks who are experts in career management issues and I am considering developing a regular “Mornings with Matt” show where I will interview them. I know their insights will prove valuable. The times and days will vary so all of you will have a chance to attend. It may end up being afternoons or evenings. I haven’t decided.

We are in a new era. Fortunately with a lot of technology at our finger tips.

When I was a freshman in High School I read a short story and one of the “lines” in it was: “This is so easy that anyone can do it, so if you try hard, you can too.”

Who knew I also could learn new things?

Regards, Matt

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