EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

For those of you who I have not convinced about the value of networking, I thought I would share my own thoughts about something I have observed about the world and why I think it is so.

During my various job campaigns since I started working in 1971 I always noticed a decided lack of published job leads in either Fairfield County Connecticut, where I live, or in New York City, a place to which I was willing to commute. (Please note that my career began well before the Internet, and that nothing much has really changed about job search.)

With all of the people who live in this part of the country and with all of the well-known companies that exist here, I had always been puzzled why more jobs weren’t in the newspapers or in the hands of recruiters. Sure, there were many that were, but it appeared to be far less than logic would dictate.

Why, for example, are all the jobs you get calls about out of town in out of the way places?

As editor of the newsletter, I have had the opportunity to observe close hand, not only the fact that most good news announcements say “I didn’t get my job from a posting,” (even though we are posting hundreds of pages of job leads a month), but also that most of the leads aren’t in major population centers. Yes, there are many that are, but again, I would suggest that there are a lot less as a percentage than logic would dictate.

The suggested answer is that most jobs are FILLED by networking. On the company side, if you are talking about a major metropolitan area, people know people, and when a vacancy or need occurs, friends check with friends. They put the word out. Unless it is an arcane skill set, or a job in an odd location, there frequently is no NEED to hire a recruiter, or even place an advertisement on the Internet or in the newspaper.

The NEEDS that exist out in the world are often not formed into actual jobs that are posted somewhere because the SOLUTION to those needs appears (you guessed it) through networking.

Either by design or by “accident,” the solution to your nagging problem appears on your doorstep through the good offices of a trusted friend. This creates a solution set that has fewer risks than putting your requirements out to “the market” to see what happens.

All of us as senior professionals are solutions to specific problems. All we have to do is put the possibility of our services out in front of those who have the need and jobs get created.

I always smile when I see position descriptions that include the phrase “ideal candidate profile.” Most of the time you would have to be Superman to fit it to a tee. Still, these are problems that have gotten pretty far along and the need of an expert to find the right solution has occurred.

You are the ideal candidate for something that is out there. And, your ticket to becoming the solution to that nagging problem is to connect, step by step, with individuals who understand the magic that you can create.

Your power tool is The FENG’s Member Directory Search feature, and I hope you will use it to great effect.

“The Force” is there for your information and use. I hope you will enjoy this great benefit that exists for you as a member of our circle of friends.

Regards, Matt

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