EditorialsBy Matt Bud, Chairman, The FENG

From time to time, I write an editorial that generates very thoughtful responses from our members.

I hope that all of you appreciate those individuals who write in as much as I do. It is an important part of The FENG, that we each take the time to share our knowledge with one another on topics large and small.

There are so many ways to share our knowledge. If you are bashful and not interested in communicating with a large audience, there are those weekly new member listings where you can pick up the phone and TAKE THE TIME to share what you have learned with one individual at a time. That is as important as writing an “Op-Ed” piece for me. The reason is that it is PERSONAL, and being personal is what we are all about.

The FENG is a circle of friends. It has grown by friends sponsoring friends. I hope that as a part of your involvement and PARTICIPATION in our august body that over time, you will acquire more and more friends for the rest of your life. That should, in fact, be one of your goals.

Job search is full of highs and lows. One can argue that misery loves company, but I have never looked at what we do for each other in this way. This is not a support group, but rather a focused HELP group.

The knowledge that we share helps us get through the day. If you are fretting that others are getting interviews and you aren’t. If you are upset that folks don’t call you back. The concern you have impacts your ability to focus on your search.

By reading the newsletter I hope that all of our members gain some perspective on what is happening in the job market and which issues are things that ARE their fault and which things are just the market.

If I happen to write something that sparks a reaction in you, please write in and share your thoughts. The best place to send these messages is Leads@TheFENG.org.

If you would do this, I will still see them when I review the newsletter but they will get into the newsletter a lot faster than if you write to me. I get buried in email from time to time and often don’t get them published fast enough for them to be relevant.

I value the diversity of opinion that is possible with 37,000+ members and hope you will participate in this way “as the spirit moves you.”

Regards, Matt

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