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Strategic Planning and Not for Profit
Tuesday August 17, 2021
6:00pm - 8:00pm US/Eastern GMT-4:00
ZOOM Meeting

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Meeting of Tuesday August 17th  - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

 (3rd Tuesday of the month)


With the pandemic affecting so many Not-for-Profits everyone is headed for a strategic planning session.

Given the unique role the Board plays in NFPs – what are the issues that Strategic plans face – what are expected results – starting with the statements below how many have experienced any of the following results from their Board Retreat?


A) It was just a fancy dressed guy regurgitating back what the management said in interviews - winds up being a time suck and just confirms the board wants management to keep things moving forward.


B) By recognizing where the organization wants to go, we developed a game plan for what headcount to get - it re-energized the board as they had the mission redefined to them and generated new interest in funding the mission. 


C) It was a "nice to have" experience and gave the board deeper understanding of the organization's next tier of management as we included them in the retreat - but the staff felt they were taken away from mission - and the funding came out of program budget. 


D) We all met for a couple of days - the document was great, and folks seemed energized - management put the thing on the shelf and simply went back to work - little of the long-term concepts were put into practice - a year later there was no follow up or metrics on the plan from the board. 



The co-chairs will lead a conversation with attendees about Strategic Plans, expectations, successful management of the process, and shared stories of Strat Plan experiences.

Be prepared to join in the conversation and give your input about this NFP ritual that so many NFP managers have participated in. If you are in Transition – hear the issues that affect the impact of long term planning in a NFP setting. 


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Tim Domini

(914) 263-2135
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