Good News Announcements and job leads

Published on Sep 28, 2022 by Matt Bud, The FENG
Evolving Job Market

I would like to see if we can increase the number of Good News Announcements and job leads that come our way.

The two most important things that I hope that all of you are making every effort to share are Good News Announcements and job leads.

Good News Announcements let your fellow members know that there are actually jobs out there. The theory is that if someone found a job yesterday, it is possible that through my sustained efforts, I may also find a job. It is a vital part of the encouragement we offer each other. Lately, there haven’t been too many posted.

While I accept that all of you are a little on the bashful side, I would encourage those who have found a “work opportunity” to take the time to write a public thank you note to the organization and to the specific individuals who gave you a pat on the back or a kick in the backside when you needed it. Embarrass them a bit. It will only serve to cause them and others to offer the same kind of help to others. This is the only kind of “payback” in which I believe.

The FENG was founded on the concept, considered weird at the time, that we should share ALL the job leads we uncover, even job leads in which we are potentially leading candidates. Inviting competition from your fellow members may appear risky since there are so many talented individuals in our august body, but in truth it is just plain smart.

No one can know about all the jobs appropriate to their background. But, if we are all sharing what we know, we end up knowing about a lot more opportunities. One of them may actually be a perfect fit for you. In any published search there are always going to be about 20 candidates. That is usually narrowed down to about 5 candidates who are actually interviewed. And, at the end, only one person gets hired. (This is one of those immutable laws we could probably do without. Too bad they can’t hire several of us for the same job, but it just doesn’t work that way.)

My belief system is that it is always better if a friend gets the job than if it goes to a stranger. (A stranger is a non-member of The FENG.) If a friend gets the job, there is always a possibility they will need some consulting help, or that they will now have more time and be able in some way to help you.

Although job leads are in my mind over rated (networking, networking and more networking is the only thing that works), without lots of job leads our job board appears a little anemic. Even job leads that are not in your geographic area or exactly in your sweet spot provide “intelligence” to you and to your fellow members. What’s hot, and what’s not? That is the question all of us would like to be able to answer.

I do my best to welcome and encourage search professionals to utilize this great resource we call The FENG. I hope all of you are doing so as well.

Often times, the phrase “our reputation precedes us” applies. Letting those who are considering you know you are a member of The FENG is a plus. They know our high standards and it will become another element of YOUR sell.

So, take a risk. Either circulate jobs you hear about by sending them to [email protected] OR at the very least, circulate them to your “inner circle of friends.”

Either way, you will be doing the kind of good deed that makes The FENG the remarkable organization that we all want it to continue to be.

Regards, Matt