Preparing For Meetings


The purpose of Chapter and Special Interest Group meetings is to provide you with an invaluable opportunity to create a sharply focused presentation of your background with your fellow members. Try to get to know at least one or two people, in depth, at each meeting. There is simply no substitute for a personal connection of this nature.

Preparing for Virtual Meetings

  1. Log in at least 5 minutes before the start of the meeting
  2. Do a video and audio check before joining the meeting
  3. Have your camera on
  4. keep your microphone muted unless you are going to speak
  5. Make sure your first name and last name appear correctly. If there is room, add your email address 
  6. Look professional; corporate casual is recommended
  7. Lighting; Don't sit with your back to a window.  Instead, light up your face.
  8. Your head and upper body should take up the majority of the space in your “frame”
  9. Posture; sit up straight
  10. Look at the speaker when listening. Look into the camera when speaking.
  11. Have a pleasant face; show engagement.

Preparing for In-Person Meetings

Bring a name badge and/or 'tent' to the meeting.

A tent is a 9" x 6" piece of cardboard folded in half with your name on both sides. Print your name badge in the largest type possible. The same approach is recommended for your tent. If you don't print it on your computer, at least make it look nice. Copies of preformatted files with our logo are available for members only in the useful documents section.

Bring copies of your résumé and/or business cards.

It is always surprising and disappointing when members come to our meetings without copies of their résumé. Paper is cheap. Always bring extras, and staple them.

Polish your 90 second announcement.

Ask a friend if your announcement communicates who you are. Simple messages are best. Although most of us are more than willing to change industries, the reality is that jobs that fit are somehow related to our industry background. Stake out your territory. Listen to others' presentations and see if you can help them with their search. Can you make an introduction for them? Can you give them a mailing list? Can you recommend or loan them a book?

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