A reliable used car

Communicating your value

A reliable used car Cover Image

Let’s face it, those who “move the iron” -- even the new stuff, have a difficult job. But those who sell used cars have it the worst. The phrase “like a used car salesman” is very much part of the American lexicon.It implies the worst of the sales profession. No matter what vehicle you pur...

May 23, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

A curious requirement Cover Image

We don’t get as many members applying without sponsors as we used to, but we still get a few.For those who are qualified for membership, each Monday morning after I have finished my new member review for the weekend and sent out our new member announcement, Judith Rudikoff, one of our Admi...

May 25, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The sploosh syndrome


The sploosh syndrome Cover Image

Here in Connecticut spring has arrived and with it the beginning of the boating season. We took our boat out for the first time 2 weeks ago! Great fun.Anyway, as I begin each season, I sit myself down and remind myself of the ease with which tools are lost over the side. As you settle into...

May 24, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Operators are standing by

Human Interactions Networking

Operators are standing by Cover Image

A few years ago, I got a lovely note from one of our alumni members lamenting the fact that he rarely gets any phone calls from his fellow members requesting networking assistance. Even though he was feeling unloved, he asked me not to mention his name for fear that all of you would call h...

May 22, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Reading your own resume Cover Image

It is always a good idea to read your own resume. Sadly, I find that many people don’t.The typographical errors are bad enough. For example, in a batch I once reviewed for one of our assignments for The FECG, one member even had an obvious error in how he spelled his own name. (Yes, you ca...

May 19, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

How does it work in theory? Cover Image

Many, many years ago when I was in college, I had an economics professor who was a bit of a character. For a dry subject area, he had a way of making it all come alive. One of the things he said has lived with me these many years. It was:That’s all very well in practice, but how does it wo...

May 18, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

On becoming obsolete

Evolving Job Market

On becoming obsolete Cover Image

It is a sad state of affairs when your presumed skills become obsolete, but like the buggy whip manufacturer of old, your only choice unless you want to become extinct is to adapt.Let’s see, buggy whips are made out of leather, so a good first step would be to define yourself as a leather ...

May 17, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Help me out – buy a ticket

Human Interactions Networking

Help me out – buy a ticket Cover Image

I try to have several phone calls every week with members seeking advice about what to do about their job search.It is a good question and one not easily answered even if I know you very well. In the course of a conversation (speech is the slowest form of communication), I don’t know how m...

May 16, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The gift of friendship Cover Image

As all of you know, The FENG is a circle of friends, not a fee for service. In order to join, someone needs to sponsor you. That act of friendship is how everyone gets started. It is one of those dumb things I came up with at the beginning of time itself that I believe has made our network...

May 15, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Telephone sales


Telephone sales Cover Image

If getting up in front of a large group and doing your elevator pitch isn’t bad enough, giving it over the phone is worse. At least in front of a group, large or small, you have some visual feedback as to whether or not it is going over well.Add to this that many folks call you from cell p...

May 12, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

A “no wind” situation

Being Out of Work

A “no wind” situation Cover Image

As all of you know, one of my passions in this world is sailing. I not only own a sailboat, but I also do a lot of reading about sailing. From time to time I read historical novels about the world of sailors in centuries past. The interesting thing is that many of the issues and concerns o...

May 11, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

What are your sizzle points? Cover Image

Very few among us are professional sales folks. It is for this reason that some of the more subtle elements of interviewing can easily go by us. When you decide to make a purchase you often have to justify it to others. When you do, you will find yourself repeating things the salesperson t...

May 10, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Individual responsibility Cover Image

One of the themes that I like to present from time to time is the idea that each of us can make a difference.For those of us who live in these United States, it is all very easy to fall into the accepted American concept that everything in this world is actually someone else’s fault. Hence...

May 09, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

When is enough, enough?

Evolving Job Market

When is enough, enough? Cover Image

The story goes that if a frog is thrown into a pot of boiling water he will have the good sense to jump out. On the other hand, if you put a frog in cold water and slowly turn up the heat, he will boil to death. (Please don’t try this at home. I like frogs. I am sure you can verify the ver...

May 08, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

One step at a time

Being Out of Work

One step at a time Cover Image

Taking life one step at a time is never easy. There is something about tasks undone that are just plain hard to take. Still, eating an elephant is best done one bite at a time.For those embarking on a job search, the number of things that need to be done can seem daunting. There are resume...

May 05, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Are you selling the right stuff?

Evolving Job Market Interviewing

Are you selling the right stuff? Cover Image

I don’t know how many of you are aware of it, but The FENG began its life as an organization of VERY senior financial professionals. In the beginning our original core group was over 50 and a few of those folks were even older. The idea was that senior financial professionals needed more h...

May 04, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The quest for personal relationships


The quest for personal relationships Cover Image

Over the many years that folks moved off the farm and the security of their local communities to the “big city,” a rather significant shift took place in American society. Please understand that I am an accountant by trade and not an historian, but I believe that 90% of all Americans lived...

May 03, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The Energizer Bunny

Being Out of Work

The Energizer Bunny Cover Image

Probably one of the hardest things to do during a job search is keeping yourself energized. If you are conducting your job search from home, as most people are, it can be even more difficult.The thing to recognize is that conducting a job search is in some respects painful for us financial...

May 02, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Arrested but not convicted Cover Image

We have had speakers at over the years at our meetings here in Connecticut and each in their own way has brought up the subject of having an explanation as to why you are looking for another job.I have always felt that it was a waste of your valuable time to provide an explanation in your ...

May 01, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Changing strongly held beliefs

Evolving Job Market

Changing strongly held beliefs Cover Image

As they say, old habits die hard. Because we believe they work, we do the same things over and over again that we have learned over the course of our careers. Not to say we can’t be retrained, but it is hard.Us financial types find it particularly hard. Part of the reason is that we genera...

Apr 28, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The hidden job market Cover Image

Much has been written over the years about the hidden job market. That said, it may not be clear to all of you how to go about finding these opportunities. After all, if they are hidden, how do you come to know about them?The public job market is reflected by job postings of all kinds. As ...

Apr 27, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG