A fine line

A fine line Cover Image

The difference between being viewed as possessing dogged persistence and being an outright pest is hard to define. Like beauty or obscenity, I guess we know it when we see it.I have had many jobs over the course of my career, some paid, some volunteer that have involved collection work.Whe...

May 23, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Networking is easy

Networking is easy Cover Image

Perhaps this is a bit of an overstatement, but I am primarily talking about networking within The FENG.As you all know, we have a Member Directory Search feature out on our website for your information and use. If you become aware of a job at a specific company, the odds of someone in The ...

May 18, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Networking-A lifetime activity

Networking-A lifetime activity Cover Image

I was fortunate to speak with two of our more experienced chapter chairs a while agao who each in their own way in our wide ranging conversations reminded me of the importance of networking as a lifetime activity.I suppose to a degree, networking doesn’t come naturally to us financial type...

May 17, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Making introductions

Making introductions Cover Image

Everyone knows a few important people who they believe will at some point be helpful to us in our search for that perfect job. The problem how to keep your name in front of them so when that perfect job comes to their attention you will be top of mind.You certainly don’t want to waste thei...

May 06, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Keeping hope alive

Keeping hope alive Cover Image

Whether you are currently working and hate your job or are currently in active search mode, the most important job you have every day is maintaining an optimistic view of the future.The stresses and strains of a job that is winding down may at times seem beyond bearable. Back in 1991 durin...

Apr 29, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Bashfulness is not my strong suit

Bashfulness is not my strong suit Cover Image

Hard to believe, but bashfulness is apparently a quite prevalent condition among our membership.Yes, these same individuals who in prior lives as bankers were cutting off lines of credit or foreclosing on hapless widows have a near terminal fear of picking up the phone and calling other me...

Apr 27, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Everyone wants to help

Everyone wants to help Cover Image

I know that some of you who have been at job search for a period of time may find this hard to believe, but everyone wants to help, it is just that they don’t always know how.I see it all the time at chapter meetings. Each person does their 90-second elevator speech, but rarely do they mak...

Apr 25, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The original conversation killer

The original conversation killer Cover Image

My wife is a speech pathologist by education and early work experience. One of the things that drives her crazy is one-word answers. Her approach in teaching speech has always been to ask questions that create a conversation. The only way to get the kids she was working with to improve the...

Apr 11, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Watching your back

Watching your back Cover Image

It would be great if we could all see behind us while at the same time looking forward, but it just isn’t possible. And, sometimes just looking forward is hard enough.We have all heard about the “buddy system” that swimmers use. And, of course, having someone “watch your back” is a concept...

Mar 31, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Two peas in a pod

Two peas in a pod Cover Image

One of the great mysteries in this world is why any two people would network. Yes, I know this sounds like heresy coming from someone who has built his entire life on networking, but it is actually a very good question, and one that members who have not been exposed to “the truth” often as...

Mar 29, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Time is of the essence

Time is of the essence Cover Image

For those of you who have had the honor of dealing with legal matters, you know that the phrase “Time is of the essence” is frequently used in contracts. The idea is that if you want to get the deal done, you better move quickly. (In other words, you will need to get off your duff.) The wo...

Mar 28, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

90% of life is just showing up

90% of life is just showing up Cover Image

While I am sure the correct answer is “about” 90% (90% is a little too precise), there is no denying the fact that showing up is important. If you have an interview and you don’t show up, you can’t possibly get the job. If you expect to get paid, you have to show up for work. And, the list...

Mar 23, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

An inner circle of friends

An inner circle of friends Cover Image

If there is any topic I discuss more than any other in phone conversations and in face to face meetings with new members and old members alike, it is the process of creating your very own inner circle of friends.All you have to do is talk to friends of yours who have found jobs to see how ...

Mar 17, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Managing our growth

Managing our growth Cover Image

By a significant margin, we are the largest networking group of senior financial executives in the entire world. Not only that, but by any measure, we are more connected with each other on a national basis than any other organization as well. And, our reputation is well known. We no longer...

Mar 15, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The 400 pound phone

The 400 pound phone Cover Image

Just as an experiment, I unplugged my phone from my desk today and took it upstairs and put it on our bathroom scale. (My office is in my house.)I am sure the scale is wrong because I couldn’t get the scale to even register the weight of the phone. But then, the scale is generally used to ...

Mar 09, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Asking for the world's smallest favor

Asking for the world's smallest favor Cover Image

Although most of us have acquired enough manners over the course of our lives that we know enough not to ask a stranger to give us his/her seat on a bus or train, when it comes to networking, I find that many folks don’t know when they have overstepped their bounds. The approach I would...

Mar 01, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Listening & throwing up

Listening & throwing up Cover Image

One of the many skills we always need to be polishing as financial professionals is our listening skills. The problem begins with the fact that as financial professionals we are more comfortable receiving our information in written form. Put us in a "selling" situation, especially over ...

Feb 28, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Call me Mr. Know-it-all

Call me Mr. Know-it-all Cover Image

One of the most endearing qualities of us financial folks is that we almost always have a firm opinion about everything. And, if we don’t have an opinion about something, we figure we can reason one out. (Hey, just take the facts and multiply by two!) It is sort of part and parcel of wh...

Feb 21, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Homogeneous groups and pitfalls

Homogeneous groups and pitfalls Cover Image

Is there a possible pitfall in sticking with a homogeneous group of unemployed people? First of all, I would never suggest to anyone that they should solely and exclusively network within The FENG. What I have suggested and do strongly suggest is that you START with our networking group...

Feb 11, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Dropping in a little artillery

Dropping in a little artillery Cover Image

The truth is that even friends sometimes don’t get back to you when you call. Ever wonder why? So, if friends have trouble returning calls, is it possible that strangers might be even more reluctant to return phone calls? I guess the real question is not why folks don’t return phone ...

Feb 09, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Geese and golden eggs

Geese and golden eggs Cover Image

I am sure that I don’t need to repeat the fable of the goose that laid golden eggs, so I will move right into the analogy. The goose is The FENG (also a living organism) and the golden eggs are the ability to network with other members. (If networking isn’t true gold, I don’t know what ...

Feb 02, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG