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2021 Supply Chain Innovative Technology Companies
Monday April 26, 2021
5:30pm - 6:45pm

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FENG T&D SIG Zoom call is scheduled for Monday, April 26th from 5:30p to 6:45p. The topic is “2021 Supply Chain Innovative Technology Companies.” I will be introducing Steamchain Corp. ( a U.S. based Financial-Technology (FinTech) company that has created a secure Platform that simplifies global B2B payments for any company conducting international commerce. The Platform saves a company money on currency conversion costs, currency fluctuation risk, and reduces antiquated paper flow costs.

After the discussion, we will go around the horn and give everyone at least 5 minutes. I will introduce new members, and then allow existing members to explain what your company does, and what needs you have that the T&D SIG can fulfill.

We are looking for corporate sponsors to support our group, and volunteers to help grow the membership by taking on an Industry Group Role. The group is up to 42+ members and growing each month!

Below is the list of future Agenda Topics suggested during our initial call, please feel free to edit and return to my attention:

  • - 3PL trends and inflation factors
  • - Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, disruptors, etc.
  • - Congestion at municipalities and ports
  • - Driverless, electric, and hydrogen vehicles
  • - Fuel hedging & freight futures
  • - KPIs & benchmarking
  • - Sustainability, decarbonization and ROI
  • - Topics should support small to medium sized businesses

My contact information is below, reach out anytime!

Best regards,

Jim Haller

[email protected]

614-306-4192 (M)

For meeting information, please contact:

Jim Haller

(614) 306-4192
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