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Are You The Right Fit for the Position?
Thursday June 1, 2023
6:00pm - 7:30pm US/Eastern GMT-4:00

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How to Find out if You Are You The Right Fit for the Position

Speaker: Walt Glass, Interview Success Coach

There are many examples of people leaving a company after only a few months because the company's values and culture don’t match there own. Also many have been told after an interview that they were not a "good fit" (into their company culture).

Wouldn’t it be great if we could match up our personal values and how work gets done in a company’s culture before we decide to interview at that company? Doing this research on a companies culture and values is the best way to target your ideal work place and is the best way to ensure you fit into the company work culture. It will also ensure you a more successful interview and a happier experience in the workplace environment once you get the job.

This session explores how we can determine if this match for a more efficient and effective job search.

You will learn:

- Why you should vet and research a company's values and culture before AND during the interview.

- Do your styles match? How to gather this information to prepare for the interview. 
- How to access whether you fit in with the company's team and leadership and HR requirements

Don't just target companies - target companies' culture and values!

About Walt Glass

Walt retired in 2012 from an information technology career spanning over 40 years. He spent 25 years with Electronic Data Systems in a wide variety of roles including systems engineer, financial analyst, manager of Leadership Training and Development, Account Manager and as a member of a special Megadeal team winning accounts greater than $1 billion in revenue. His industry experience includes financial, retail, manufacturing, state government and education.

Walt currently volunteers as an Interview Success Coach providing a free Interview Success Workshop helping job seekers gain knowledge about how to prepare, the skills to deliver and the abilities to positively differentiate candidates for successful hiring interviews. He has coached over 1,000 participants with interviewing skills. He also speaks to various job-seeking groups in the Dallas Ft. Worth area as well as online via Zoom.

Walt has an MBA from the University of Florida and a B.S. in Math from Florida State University. He is a Vietnam veteran and served as an officer in the U.S Army.












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