Meeting Information
Friday August 5, 2016
8:00am - 9:00am
Panera Bread, Darien CT

If unable to make call please let me know. We can reschedule.

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o Introduction of Treasury Members

- Making the FENG treasury group more relevant to member needs – treasury is a small organization within a company. Finding opportunities can be difficult. How can FENG help?

- How should treasury measure “success”
- Reg 385 – If approved as proposed earlier in April this regulation will serious impact intercompany activities and a corporation’s access to its own funds.

- Money Market Rules – starting later in October 2016 new MM rules will require treasury to “mark to market” the value of its MM investments, perhaps changing when / how treasury invests its “excess” funds.

- Banking relationships - Basel III is having an impact on a bank’s risk adjusted returns to capital (RAROC). As a result banks are reviewing their relationships, access to funds and which relationships are “best” for them.

- Treasury Technology – with limited resources treasury needs to work smarter not harder. Technology can help or just allow one to make their mistakes faster. What is really better than the “systems” in use today?

o Next Steps
- By Group?
- By Individual
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