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Quantum Computing & Quantum Cryptography
Tuesday September 19, 2023
5:00pm - 6:00pm Europe/Berlin GMT+02:00

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Topic: Quantum Computing & Quantum Cryptography 


Speakers: Panel from EY:  Christoph Capellaro, Rafael Martín-Cuevas, Guzmán Calleja and Daniel Molis

Join us for an overview of quantum computing technology, its prospects and its impact on the financial services sector. Despite being in an early stage, quantum computing is already getting significant attention as companies explore its transformative capabilities. Moreover, the anticipated threat posed by quantum computing to current cryptographic encryption methods has prompted the need for proactive measures to protect sensitive data. We will also examine the potential breakthroughs quantum computing offers in optimization, simulation, and artificial intelligence, highlighting the key considerations for both risk mitigation and computing advancements.


Speakers’ bios:

Christoph Capellaro: 

Christoph is a Director working in the Information Security Advisory team for Financial Service in Munich. He joined EY in 1999 and holds a PhD in Mathematics. Christoph also holds four patents in the area of IT Security and is Author and Co-Author of three books related to Digital Money, Information Security and Compliance. He is specialized in the area of Information Security, Risk Management, IT Governance and Compliance, Business Continuity Management, Data Center Technology, Data Privacy, Public Key Infrastructures and Cryptography.


Rafael Martín-Cuevas: 

Rafael is a Senior Consultant based in Madrid, specializing in Quantum Computing, Cloud Computing, and Data Architecture & Engineering. He was part of the founding of EY's Global Quantum Computing Lab, where he led the formation of partnerships, use cases, training materials, and services across the firm. Rafael's expertise extends to leading Quantum Computing projects for national and regional governments, as well as entities in the financial services sector. He also delivers trainings and mentorship programs to contribute to the development of the Quantum Computing ecosystem.


Guzmán Calleja: 

Guzmán is a Consultant working EY Global Innovation’s Quantum Computing Lab in Madrid. With a global focus, he specializes in the development of technical solutions using Quantum Computing, where he has experiences in portfolio management, supply chain optimization, energy allocation, and various other critical business applications. He completed his degree in Physics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, complemented by an international experience at Antwerpen University in Belgium. Guzmán Calleja has also gained valuable experience in technology consulting, particularly in areas such as Data Quality and Data Governance.


Daniel Molis: 
Daniel is a director in EYs Strategy & Transaction practice in Frankfurt. He joined EY in 2021 and has about 15 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. His key areas include IT-related as well as business related topics with focus on banking, payments, digital innovation and ecosystems. He graduated from University of Cooperative Education Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ravensburg/Germany after a dual study program in cooperation with LBBW (German state bank).

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