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Stock Options, Equity, Why QSBS Matters to you
Wednesday September 20, 2023
6:00pm - 7:30pm US/Pacific GMT-7:00

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Speaker, Tom Bondi, Managing Partner, TCBondi CPA Inc - (bio below)
Topic:  What you should be aware of re Stock Options, Equity, Why QSBS Matters to you
Part I – Stock Options:

  • Stock Options – General awareness of ISOs, NSOs, RSUs * RSA



  • For Private Companies, considerations for the size of the Pool and effect on dilution


Part II – Equity Plans

  • For Private Companies · considerations for Board Members



  • Taking care of key hires, what might the Grant look like



  • When should you allow Company-Financed RSAs



  • Company offering of Employees’ awareness, by offering Stock Education Workshop (not offering investment nor tax advise)


Part III – Qualified Small Business Stock (IRC Section 1202)

  • What are the basics to be aware of



  • Why should the Company care when it’s an individual shareholder election or treatment



  • Does a partnership or LLC conversion affect the treatment



  • What occurs upon a reorganization or merger when there is a rollover



  • Should there be reassessments, how often


Part IV – Other Planning Issues for Your Awareness:

  • Analysis for Support
    ·         Ownership Dilution Planning
    ·         Term Sheet Negotiations & Issues
    ·         General Tax Planning to Plan for Cash Requirements
    ·         Exit Planning & when to begin Planning
    ·         Stock Sale v Asset Sale considerations


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Rick Morgin

(925) 324-6371
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