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Taking you from “Working the Room” to “Working the Zoom”


Apr 13, 2021


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM




TIME ZONE: Greenwich Mean Time


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Topic: Taking you from “Working the Room” to “Working the Zoom”

Speaker: Will Kintish, a UK leading authority in Business Networking Skills training

1. Zoom Welcome - Nick McCall/Charlotte Leslie (2 minutes)
2. Job Club update - (10 minutes)
3. Presentation by Will Kintish - (45 minutes)
4. Breakout Rooms - 3 sessions/10 minutes per session (30 minutes)
5. Wrap up Nick/Charlotte (3 minutes)


The future of networking

There is a groundswell of opinion that the business community is embracing online communication because it has to. But what happens when we can return to coffee shops for 1-2-1’s, conferences and networking events? My prediction is for years to come and maybe for ever, both forms of networking will become the norm. One major benefit will be the time and cost savings. We used to ‘work the room’. Now, we have to ‘work the Zoom’

In our new world where we can’t shake hands, ‘work the room’ or easily read the other person’s body language how can we ensure all the time we spend, on Zoom and other virtual communication channels, will be of any value? There is nothing to beat physical networking but when you and I plan our strategy and take regular effective action I believe we can get close to the way we used to be able to network. Included in my training and talks I share my thoughts on connecting physical & virtual networking.

Topics: In this entertaining and interactive manner, I will share my knowledge by:
- Explaining the basics of online networking
- Creating the right impressions through the camera
- “How to work a Zoom!” (or similar video conferencing programmes)
- Building relationships through rapport and reliability
- Conversations- Breaking the ice; Small talk; business questions
- How to follow up in a professional manner
Although it is a short session there will be time for group discussions and time for action and feedback

What outcomes should you expect?
- Understanding the real truth about networking
- Reinforce existing relationships and build new ones
- Get known by others
- Get others to know what you do
- Understand the power of LinkedIn
- Asking the right questions
- Following up in a professional and confident manner

Speaker’s bio:
I qualified as a chartered accountant in 1971 and was in general practice for the next 30 years.

At the start of the 21st century I changed my career and since then I have shown thousands in the, academic, professional and financial communities, internationally, how to become more effective and confident networkers. Networking is fundamental to one’s success yet so many people fear this activity. I show you how to overcome all your fears and concerns when working the room, how to spot lots of potential opportunities and how to follow up in a professional manner.

Since March I have been training clients in the best use of networking through helping them “Work the Zoom” rather than “Work the Room”! I explain building relationships remotely, when done effectively, can be as successful as face-to-face.

I have been awarded the Professional Speaking Award of Excellence the highest accolade available in the speaking profession.

I am the published author of the best-selling book “Business Networking -The Survival Guide”


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