Bashfulness is not my strong suit

Published on Apr 27, 2021 by Matthew Bud, The FENG

Hard to believe, but bashfulness is apparently a quite prevalent condition among our membership.

Yes, these same individuals who in prior lives as bankers were cutting off lines of credit or foreclosing on hapless widows have a near terminal fear of picking up the phone and calling other members of The FENG.

Some other members in our circle of friends were known to have cut off customers from needed supplies because their credit didn’t pass muster. Others have been known to ruthlessly cut budgets despite desperate pleas by deserving managers. Yet these folks have the same condition as many others in our august body of “Near Terminal Bashfulness.”

I have done a lot of research on this subject and have determined that the only cure for this is testimonials by successful practitioners of networking.

So in the spirit of sharing our knowledge I am issuing a clarion call for those of you who have “taken the cure” to step forward and write a cheery article describing your success.

As you know, we have a very powerful Member Directory Search feature out on our website. Those of you who have made use of it and have a story you can share are asked to write in.

The only rule I have is: no sad stories. If you wrote to 15 members and only 14 wrote back with decent referrals, well, I guess we could count that as a success. (Perhaps #15 was sick or on vacation, or out of town on an interview. I’m sure he/she will get to you.)

It is my belief that the ticket to finding another job is networking, networking, and more networking. I am hoping that by having our Member Directory Search feature that we have simplified your process.

So, let’s have at it and put pen to electronic paper for the benefit of your fellow members of The FENG.

We are the best networking group in the entire world. (We sure are getting a swelled head.) Let’s show each other that we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk as well.

Think of it as our very own revival meeting under a big tent, only we will all be at home or office and we won’t have to put up with the dust and noise.

Be sure to be clear whether or not you want your name published with your opus. (There we go again being bashful!) Please send them to, and not to me.

I look forward to hearing from many of you.

Regards, Matt