Networking by brute force

Networking by brute force Cover Image

From time to time, someone tells me that networking as an approach is falling into disfavor. (If it does, we will have to change the name of our networking group, and I am at a loss as to how to come up with another name!) When people talk about networking in this way, the networking that ...

Dec 20, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Making small talk

Making small talk Cover Image

I have never considered myself a social butterfly, but I guess for many of us financial types it is difficult to start a conversation with someone we don’t know. If you give a little thought to conversations you have had over your life with people not known to you, you will fondly remember...

Sep 29, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The illusion of trust

The illusion of trust Cover Image

It is always difficult to explain why you trust someone.In our daily encounters out in the world we come across all kinds of folks. Most of the individuals we do business with on a daily basis don’t have to be our friends, and the nature of the exchanges we have with them don’t even requir...

Nov 17, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Unsolicited advice

Unsolicited advice Cover Image

It is a sad fact that most men don’t appreciate getting unsolicited advice. That said, there are even those among us who reject advice they have asked for out of hand and in a dismissive way. The giving and receiving of advice is always a delicate balance. Even though probably 75% of my ma...

Jan 04, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

An over reliance on job leads

An over reliance on job leads Cover Image

Part of the lecture I deliver to new members who call me is that The FENG is a networking group, not a job listing service. I then add that they shouldn’t allow the fact that we are publishing lots of job leads each month confuse them about our true purpose.In the beginning (when God creat...

May 11, 2023

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Welcome to 2023!

Welcome to 2023! Cover Image

One of my observations is that everyone seems to be shutting down earlier and earlier around holiday periods and returning later and later. Last week was especially quiet. Today was deadly quiet as well.Well, we’re going to be off to a flying start tomorrow. My advice is wait until Wednesd...

Jan 02, 2023

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Silver bullets

Silver bullets Cover Image

Except for the Lone Ranger, none of us actually has silver bullets in our gun.I am frequently taken to task by members on the topic of networking. I suppose that to a very large degree I am guilty of touting networking as the ultimate silver bullet to the exclusion of all other methods.I g...

Mar 02, 2023

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The golden rule

The golden rule Cover Image

If there is any complaint I hear more than any other, it is that those we send messages to about jobs opportunities are not responsive. Sometimes even when a company or recruiter has taken the time to interview one of our members, weeks and weeks later all that is heard is silence.If this ...

Mar 15, 2023

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The sounds of silence

The sounds of silence Cover Image

If losing your job wasn’t bad enough, the reluctance of business associates at your former company, as well as those who serviced your company as attorneys, accountants or recruiters to return your phone calls can be particularly disheartening. Actually, if you gave it some thought, you wo...

Sep 27, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Putting it behind you-NOT

Putting it behind you-NOT Cover Image

Since much of what we do in The FENG is about job search, I thought it might be appropriate to make a few suggestions to everyone about what to do when you do actually find a new job. I’ll be blunt. Job search is primarily filled with uncertainty, highs and lows and activities like making ...

Dec 21, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Birds of a feather

Birds of a feather Cover Image

We are fortunate in the financial professions to be blessed with a very high degree of transferable skills. Still, the next job for most of us isn’t going to be all that much different from our last one. While it is certainly possible that we will change industries, it is less likely that ...

Jun 27, 2017

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Call me Mr. Know-it-all

Call me Mr. Know-it-all Cover Image

I know we don’t mean to do it, but as financial types who come to our decisions the hard way (usually the long scenic route), we often react to information being presented to us by others in a dismissive, “oh, I knew that” manner. I suppose there was a time in my life when I actually thoug...

Dec 13, 2020

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Geese and golden eggs

Geese and golden eggs Cover Image

One of our very most important audiences are members of the search community who are registered as Friends of The FENG. When you communicate with these folks, briefly, you are expected to behave yourself. Members of The FENG are expected to only respond when reasonably qualified. What does...

Jan 11, 2018

By Matt Bud, The FENG

If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me

If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me Cover Image

Several years ago, a very old friend of mine called my attention to this song by Jimmy Buffet.I’m not sure why it is, but many people never call anyone. In the enigma within a puzzle that is life, they are also always wondering why no one calls them.When I was in college, my grandmother on...

Dec 19, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Meeting the RIGHT folks

Meeting the RIGHT folks Cover Image

Being successful at getting meetings with potential decision makers who don’t have a job right now, but who might make one for you after they meet you, is why networking is the most successful approach to finding a job. Frankly, this is how most business is really done at our level. If you...

Aug 08, 2017

By Matt Bud, The FENG

An inner circle of friends

An inner circle of friends Cover Image

If there is any topic I discuss more than any other in phone conversations and in face to face meetings with new members and old members alike, it is the process of creating your very own inner circle of friends. All you have to do is talk to friends of yours who have found jobs to see how...

Mar 12, 2018

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Building friendships-a lot of hard work

Building friendships-a lot of hard work Cover Image

The definition of networking I use is: Networking is a process by which you can create meaningful business contacts and relationships to further your career and enhance your professional life. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most difficult, networking is a 5. Building friendships is ...

Dec 10, 2017

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The ultimate scam

The ultimate scam Cover Image

I was recently reminded of one of my favored approaches to networking that I discovered in the early 90’s. (Sometime in the late-90’s I stopped calling some of the things I was doing “scams” and started calling them “approaches,” which for some reason those in polite society found more acc...

Sep 04, 2018

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Working your contacts

Working your contacts Cover Image

I would be the first one to agree that finding ways to keep in touch with your business contacts during a job search is more art than science. That said the old saw “out of sight, out of mind” applies here.At the end of my two year job search which began in 1991, I had about 1,400 index ca...

Oct 05, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

Creating an inner circle of friends

Creating an inner circle of friends Cover Image

It is a sad fact of life that no one ever has enough friends. Men in particular (and our membership is 90% men) seem to have a difficult time making friends.The whole “guy thing” sort of works against us, I suppose. Men are supposed to be strong and never need help from anyone. Remember wh...

Oct 10, 2021

By Matt Bud, The FENG

The gift of friendship

The gift of friendship Cover Image

As all of you know, The FENG is a circle of friends, not a fee for service. In order to join, someone needs to sponsor you. That act of friendship is how everyone gets started. It is one of those dumb things I came up with at the beginning of time itself that I believe has made our network...

May 15, 2022

By Matt Bud, The FENG