Have a magical day

Published on Nov 14, 2022 by Matt Bud, The FENG
Being Out of Work

For those of you who have been there, I’m sure you recognize the Disney way of concluding a conversation. It is kind of cute, don’t you think? And, in the context of Disney, it sets you up for what you should be experiencing.

The more common phrase in the United States, of course, is “Have a nice day” or for those given to extremes “Have a great day.” Perhaps I am a curmudgeon of sorts, but I have always considered such phrases to be somewhat of an over promise.

The world I live in is to under promise and over deliver. If I say: Have a great day to someone, I always worry that I am setting them up for a disappointment. I wonder would it be better to wish someone an adequate day, or perhaps an okay day? After all, I don’t want to set their expectations too high. How am I to know what kind of day they will encounter?

If I cause them to believe that everything is going to go well, am I causing them to lower their defenses against the disasters that are part and parcel of everyday life? If you have read “The Road Less Traveled” you may remember that “life is difficult.” If you accept that premise, everything makes sense, or so the author argues. (Personally, I don’t think anything about life really makes sense, but that’s just me.)

Each and every day is honestly filled with challenges, big and small, that frequently require all our energy to solve, let alone overcome.

On the other hand, a positive attitude is just about the only thing that will ensure your survival in this dog eat dog world. Most of us are not going to encounter a life size Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and/or other assorted characters over the course of what passes for a normal day, waiting to give us a hug and pose for a picture with us.

More likely we will make dozens of phone calls, most of which will go into voice mail and never be returned. We will also send out dozens of emails, most of which will go unanswered.

The only way one can survive a day and have the courage to start another one tomorrow is by painting on a smile and convincing ourselves that although the world appears not to care about us, it isn’t personal. The world doesn’t actually care about anyone. Stop being sensitive.

Hopefully all of you out there have many “some ones” who DO care about you. They are the only people who should matter to you.

So, in the spirit of Disney, let’s all work hard to make each day a magical day.

If you think saying “Have a magical day” sounds a little silly, you are allowed to say “Have a great day” or “Make it a great day.” Order others to make the most of the time we have ahead of ourselves. Don’t dwell on the past. Dream about the future.

As I have often said, “Smile, things could be worse. So I smiled, and sure enough things got worse.”

Just kidding! Have a great day. Have a fine day. Have a fabulous day. And of course, have a magical day.

Regards, Matt