I never met a job I didn't like

Published on Feb 11, 2024 by Matt Bud, The FENG
Being Out of Work Interviewing
Will Rogers is remembered as saying: “I never met a man I didn’t like.” I only wish everyone reviewing job possibilities would keep in mind the job search equivalent as stated above.

Most jobs, upon initial examination, are bound to have more than a few flaws. Let’s face it, if it was an easy job, they wouldn’t need a well experienced financial officer like you to solve the huge mess they have gotten themselves into.

Let me point out that it is the height of stupidity to say “no” to a job that hasn’t even been offered to you. Perhaps the commute is too far, or the money is too low or the job responsibilities aren’t broad enough. However, it is hard to believe that all this analysis was likely done from the “sidewalk” outside the potential employer’s place of business or more likely from the sidewalk outside your own home. (Is it an “approach/avoidance” problem?)

You have gotten a phone call and based on very little information jump to a conclusion that may or may not be warranted by the actual facts in the case. Let’s assume here that you saw a posting and got called in for an interview. Friends, this is no time to say no. Your resume has been pulled from a cast of thousands. Sure, the job as described may not be your dream job. (Trust me there aren’t many of those these days.)

Your goal is to PLAY OUT ALL YOUR CARDS. The approach that is taken on their side of the table is “we love you, we love you, we love you, oops, we changed our minds.” Get with the program here and play things out the same way. You love them, you love them, you love them, oops, you changed your mind.

Look, I know this goes against the grain, but the game of job search isn’t touch football. It is more like war, with live ammunition. You are actually allowed and expected to break the rules now and then. Don’t get carried away and accept a job and then not show up for work, but anything up until the moment you say yes is fair game. If you need help coming up with an explanation at the 11th hour as to why you changed your mind, please call me. Hey, I was in the advertising business. I am used to making up things that sound good.

Now for the Will Rogers part. The truth is that I never met a job I didn’t like, and you may find this to be true as well. As you meet the people and find out more about the real job FROM THE HIRING MANAGER, you may find out that the unique skills you bring to the party will allow him/her to expand and/or dramatically change the job specifications.

See, if you said no at the beginning you never would have found that out. (And, surprise, they decided to move it closer to you home! Does life get any better?)

Regards, Matt