The out-of-town job offer

Published on Sep 20, 2022 by Matt Bud, The FENG
Being Out of Work Evolving Job Market

It sure is romantic to think about a job offer out of town with a full relocation package as a way to start over again. And, in many ways and for some people, it just may be your ticket to a life of sheer happiness for you and your family.

However, for most people I have known over the years, the joy has turned out to be a lot less than it first appeared to be. I, unfortunately, can regale you with more bad moving stories than good ones. In fact, I would be hard pressed to come up with a good moving story, as in one that ended well.

Let’s start with the idea that all jobs are temporary. If you accept this thought, the first question I would ask you is if you didn’t have a job offer, would you move there? If the answer is yes, let me remove my objections and suggest you have at it. Getting someone else to pay for your move to a desirable location is an offer that is hard to beat.

If it isn’t on your top 5 places you would want to move, I would suggest you engage in more than a few second thoughts.

If the job is in a good place for you and the family, and you accept that all jobs are temporary, what are the chances you will be able to find another job in that new location? If the answer is that you will have to move again, I would suggest you engage in a more than a few second thoughts.

Any change is stressful, on you and your family. Always keep that in mind. New jobs, especially at a senior level, are also stressful. The only reason a senior executive gets hired is that there are a lot of problems that don’t lend themselves to learning on the job.

Consider the possibility that you will no sooner get the family moved, everyone will get registered for school, you will find new doctors and where all the shopping is, and BOOM, you just may be out of work again. We hope for the best, but should always prepare for the worst.

Starting over is a nice idea in concept, but impossible in reality. The many friends and relations we have where we currently live are all hard won. Many of the people we see socially, we only see a few times a year. Move too far away and you won’t see them at all.

They are your support system and that of your family members. Keep the impact on the rest of the crew in mind as you make this very important decision.

If you can live with the consequences, load up the Conestoga wagon and go. I will wish you the best in your decision and know you have made the right choice because you thought it through.

Regards, Matt