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Tuesday August 13, 2024 7:00pm - 8:30pm US/Eastern

Topic: 5 Steps to Giving and Receiving Higher Quality Referrals

Speaker; Maile Collmer, Founder of The Referral Studio and Master Referral Coach for Asentiv® Contra Costa


Whether you are a job seeker or a fractional CFO, a consultant or a small business owner everyone hopes to get quality referrals. Referrals that actually develop into a real job possibility or client engagement.

As a job seeker, there are several benefits to receiving a referral for a job opening. A referral shows that someone believes in your skills and qualifications, which can increase your credibility and give you a competitive advantage over other candidates. A referral can often expedite the hiring process, as companies are more likely to give priority to referred candidates. Referred candidates are often viewed as more trustworthy and a safer bet for the company. Receiving a referral can help you expand your professional network and potentially open up new career opportunities.

Have you ever received a “referral” that felt more like a “lead”? How do you get your network to send you higher quality referrals? 

Whether you are a job seeker, a fractional CFO or a consultant you want referrals to people who will be great employers or clients and are ready to talk to you about your services.

Join master referral coach, Maile Collmer, as she reveals the 5 Steps to Giving and Receiving Higher Quality Referrals. You will learn:
- What gaps your network is missing in their referral conversations.

- How to make giving you referrals easier, so your network will send you more!

- Insight on who can send you the consistent high-quality referrals you really want.

- As a bonus, you will become a great referral giver! Your network will thank you for the amazing referrals you will give them!

If you want to know how to get more business or more job referrals from your networking efforts, this session is a must!


Speaker’s bio: 

What if you could have an amazing business or a fantastic job and a spectacular life?


Imagine having a team of advocates bringing you a steady stream of opportunities. What if having fun, doing the activities you love to do, and being around people you enjoy also brought you business? Interested? You are in luck! Our speaker, Maile Collmer, specializes in helping entrepreneurs build influence, connections, and business through the referral process. Yes, her clients have amazing businesses and spectacular lives, and they become the go-to person in their area of influence. That same expertise can apply to anyone seeking the next opportunity in their career.


As the founder of The Referral Studio and owner and master referral coach for Asentiv® Contra Costa, Maile has delivered trainings, seminars, and workshops for thousands of entrepreneurs at numerous organizations and businesses where referrals are the lifeblood of business. 


Internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on networking and referral marketing, Maile teaches her clients how to build the “right relationships” to multiply their networking results up to 7 times while reducing their working hours by as much as 38%. 


Maile enjoys playing golf, wine tasting, dancing, and travel. She is a fan of football, baseball, and especially loves her UCLA Bruins! For Maile, networking and referrals are a way of life and these fun activities frequently increase her networking results!


Maile Collmer

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