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5 Brand Building Busts and Musts for Business Financial Executives
Wednesday February 10, 2021
12:45pm - 2:00pm
Raleigh FENG VIRTUAL Zoom Meeting

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Your professional brand is very important. This month we will get some valuable guidance regarding what to do and what not to do to strengthen your professional brand.

If you would like to sign in a little early, we can have an informal chat starting at 12:30 pm.

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Host: Smith Anderson Law Firm – Armand Perry

Topic: 5 Brand Building Busts and Musts for Business Financial Executives

Guest Speaker: John O'Connor, President of Career Pro, Career coach and Outplacement service provider

Would you say there is any shortage of advice out there for people online, on television and through any way the information highway rolls through to your brain? This pipeline has unlimited capacity and the capacity to be confused about your brand increases every day. As your FENG presenter guide, Mr. O’Connor will lead us through a discussion of the Busts and Musts for your executive financial brand in and through 2021. What can you do to advance your brand’s promise? Do you have a brand promise? Has your brand and career been on the uplift or has it been interrupted? Either way Mr. O’Connor will lead a lively discussion around what works for financial executives. He will give some hints and insights into the hidden conversation about your brand that you should care about. Who is watching you? Who should matter to you? What happens if there is a career interruption in the future? Let’s talk now, on February 10, 2021, for this featured discussion.

Speaker: John O’Connor

You may have met John M. O’Connor who has helped us pivot this year at the FENG, as a trusted member of the Friends of FENG, helping host our meetings from day one of the pandemic. Mr. O’Connor has served his clients in career transition, outplacement and human resources consulting for 30 years as its President. He has helped create new ideas and entrepreneurial options for executive clients including helping guide them through career changes and business ownership. From small non-profits to the Fortune 500, CareerPro Inc. helped companies compassionately assist their employees in outplacement. Today Mr. O’Connor is considered the #1 published author in Forbes Coaches Council. His greatest achievement is being a father to Brynn, Rylan, Colin and Jack and husband of Amy.
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